The Best DIY Facial Steam You Can Do for Your Skin

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You’ve passed your fourth decade and your skin is beginning to look different. For starters the  lines on your face deepen, wrinkles appear and with it comes other age-related issues like loss of volume in the skin. While we can’t fight  what hormonal changes and age brings, we can maintain a careful facial routine that includes clean, hydrated skin that will make you feel wonderful each time you look in the mirror.

One of my favourite things to do for my skin is a DIY facial steam

I love it not just because  I’m doing something great for my skin but because I also use the time to bond with my twin sister. We create a spa like scenario in my kitchen and we begin with an old fashioned steam.

Steaming allows your skin pores to open and bacteria and dirt from the face is released. Once  you add oil to the water your  skin will feel very moist.

A DIY facial steam is  easy to do,  all you need is some hot water, a towel, herbs,  essential oils, and a toner to follow the steaming.

1) Assemble all your hardware. I usually create a spa like atmosphere around the counter of my kitchen. Placing  white towels on the counter, a lit candle or room diffuser adds all the relaxation properties. I use a glass bowl that is just big enough to hover over and a towel to trap the steam.  If you love calming music this is a good point to turn it on.

2) I grow potted herbs on my porch. They include lemon grass, rosemary, mint and Spanish thyme, all of which give my facial bath a strong aromatherapeutic boost. My essential oil of choice is lavender and lemon grass but you can choose from any on this list:

Herbs or Essential Oils:

  • lavender– calming and helps with insomnia
  • parsley– acts as a natural astringent and heals acne
  • geranium– acts as a natural astringent
  • eucalyptus– relieves nasal decongestion and acne
  • fennel– contains anti-aging antioxidants
  • chamomile– soothes irritated skin
  • rosemary– balances oily skin

3) I bring my water to a boil, the hotter it is the better for me. My sister likes it warm and that's fine just make sure it is warm enough to get the benefits of the steam.Add your herbs and  oils  to the water and sit comfortably with your face over the steam bath. Beads of perspiration should be dripping from your face by the time your DIY is over. 

4) Drape a towel over your head like a little tent to keep in the steam. If at any point the steam feels too hot, move your face a couple inches further back. The steam should feel soothing not burning.
5) Sit over the steam for 10-15 minutes, until the water cools. Pat your face dry with a clean towel. Follow up by applying toner with a cotton ball, to wipe away all the dirt that has been loosened from your pores and apply a moisturizer to lock in the hydration. The result? Beautiful, clean, hydrated skin.

Are you going to give this beauty DIY a try?  Your face will look amazing, supple and refreshed after each treatment.

Let me know the results you get.

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