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We are super excited about our brand new Special Interest Segment, Forward Forty Moves, coming your way in just under two weeks. We’ve partnered with a nutritionist, a fitness and health coach and all sorts of experts to bring you the information that will help you enter 2017 at your healthiest and best selves.

If you are interested in how to lose finally lose your weight via proper nutrition, we have you covered. If you want to know the role sleep and cortisol plays in keeping the fat on, we have you covered. If you want easy, quick, healthy recipes and fun exercise that you can do in the comfort of your home well you already know, we have you covered too with videos, blog posts and photo spreads that are amazing to read, view and share. We are so proud of this body of work.

To join the movement go to, enter your first name and email address and you’ll have the opportunity to win blenders, juicers, smoothie makers, fitness trackers, fitness gear, a specialized bra fitting etc.

To those who have already subscribed to our blog, our newsletter should have hit your Inbox with a more detailed description of how I’m making this very personal journey something you can relate to. We hope everyone enjoy this teaser, we can’t wait to reveal the rest.

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  • Victoria Mondezie

    Thank you so much for sharing and uplifting my spirits because I have been down and just struggling to live.

    • judette

      Hello Victoria, please keep faith, whatever it is you are going through, time has a way of healing and making the struggle less painful

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