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Who doesn’t love dressing up on New Year’s Eve? A time of renewal and great expectations, everyone wants to look special to meet arrival of a New Year and the chance of a new beginning. This year though, in keeping with the somber mood of the country (recession, crime) and the world (the Trump effect) celebrations are expected to  be more tempered. And since  fashion always reflects the times in which we live and in turn influences our choices, I thought I’d pull pieces I already had in my closet  for our annual New Year’s Style Guide. In this lookbook my team and I chose one basic but glamorous accessory (Dorothy inspired red shoes) and injected a sense of humour into all the looks with a quirky play on props: a dramatic floral headpiece, a  pair of golden socks (yes, I wore that) and hat boxes wrapped up as gifts.

In truth, maybe with all the heavy feelings coalescing around us, fashion offers a way to remain enchanted and look for an escape. I hope you are inspired by these three no fuss looks that are all at once playful, charming and bold.

Black and White


As a colour combination black and white is simply one of the best. Striking in its simplicity and daring in its contrast, this New Year’s look is all about a graphic sensibility made more special by a custom Meiling palazzo pants.

We topped the voluminous black trousers with an elegant white lace top that is both modern and romantically nostalgic. My waistline is not my favourite part of my body, yet I felt completely at ease in this look.

The pant’s bold white buttons and a high waisted fit add visual details while slimming all problem areas, and the fitted lace top offers just enough subtle peek-a-boo action to be sexy.

Ruffles (do they ever go out of style?) up top provide a feminine touch and act a counterpoint to ‘hardness’ of the pants.

This is such an easy look for a lovely New Year’s Eve dinner with girlfriends or for date night with someone you adore.

You will need: A pair of voluminous palazzo pants, a pair of red heels, an elegant lace top


Sparkly Casual


I’ve never been shy about my love for statement pieces.

For this second New Year’s look, I pulled out my sparkly silver skirt and, in keeping with the mood, paired it with an old-school denim shirt and jacket for a mix of high and street fashion.

This skirt make me want to dance, and dance, and dance until I drop, which is exactly the feeling you want to have at a party

The trick to pulling off this look is to keep the accessories bold yet simple. You can do both once you match tone on tone with your cocktail rings, bracelets and earrings, even if you decide to mix metals. Both curvy and slender women look amazing in a midi skirt that hits directly on the knee for a silhouette that is current and easy to pull off.

This outfit is perfect as a daytime New Year’s look, whether you’re headed to a friend’s home,  visiting the in-laws  or hosting your own soiree at home.


You will need: A denim shirt in a shade of blue, a denim jacket in an alternate shade of blue, a silver or gold sparkly skirt, a pair of red heels


Glitter Bomb

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Sparkly dresses may not be for the shy of style or the faint-hearted but this eight- year-old dress is one one of my New Year favourites. It screams festive and guarantees a bonafide bombshell status with its short hemline. Bronze in particular is one one of my favourite glittery go-to palettes – a semi-neutral tone with far more va va voom.  

I’ve always discarded jewellery when I’ve worn this dress, and opt instead for quirky accessories like this dark, purple fascinator and a pair of socks that dazzle. You can always forgo the socks if they don’t feel like you.

New Years Eve is perfect excuse to get dressed up, meet new people and enjoy the time with family, old friends and new loves. Here’s to a joyful 2017, may it be the year you decide to grasp what your heart beats for.


You will need: A brown or nude coloured sequined dress, a pair of red heels

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  • kimo

    Why don’t I have red dress up shoes???!

  • Phoebe-Ann Edwards

    OMG! these are totally exquisite! Glitter Bomb is my favourite! Keep inspiring us Judette!

  • Michele Richards

    Fab, fun, flirty!! Wow???

  • Rae Ann Harper-Walters

    I can see myself wearing Glitter Bomb minus the socks though. Lovely!

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