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I once read that traveling makes you smarter, sexier, more confident and happier.

Maybe racking up those miles increases your joie de vivre. Think about it, pilots, astronauts and Richard Branson all très sexy…yes?

It’s probably why travellers at the airport always get so many kisses as well, who would have guessed?!

The wanderer, the explorer, the nomad, the adventurer, those free spirits allow the journey to be their great teacher.Untethered, free and open, perhaps these are the qualities of a traveller we are really drawn to. Great travelers and explorers have always been important; some of them have literally changed the shape of the world as we knew it.

The best part of exploring is that you don’t have to be an explorer to explore. Or have an expedition to travel. For me exploring the beautiful Trinidad and Tobago was my first adventure. I’ve  quite possibly climbed every mountain, skipped through her rambling rivers, ran in her forests, dived, sailed and swam in her seas, hiked to her caves, even rappelled down her waterfalls. There has always been so much to see and experience and if you are curious enough you’ll find what you’re searching for.

Fortunately, this sort of curiosity creates opportunities and you know what they say, when opportunity knocks get packing. So I did, whether it was for work or pleasure traveling became an exciting part of my life.

I migrated to Peru when my daughter was born, then two and a half years after that we moved to Paris. More than likely in another two years we’ll move on again – to where you ask curiously?

(The writer and her family)

(The writer and her family)

Well who knows? It’s a surprise adventure.

There is a beautiful quotation that says, “Tire not of new beginnings…See before you the clean, white virgin page and begin again.”

With change comes adventure. Whether you are changing places or just visiting for a few days, the experience stretches you and you grow.

While my own curiosity for new places and faces is still very much alive, I find myself excited about fuelling my daughter’s wanderlust and broadening her horizons. Her world is already so very different from the one I grew up in.

How do I even start preparing her for the road ahead?

While it’s great to show her iconic buildings, and the world’s tallest this, oldest that and longest whatever, it is my hope that she’s learning about people. There is no better teacher than traveling when it comes to people.

Amidst cluttered busy backdrops connections are made, smiles are exchanged, arms are extended or not, meals are shared; as humanity connects sometimes words are not needed. That’s what travel does, it exposes, it reveals, it fills in the pieces.

(Images courtesy Natalie and Google)

(Images courtesy Natalie Augustin and Google Images)

And while the more you travel the smaller the world seems your appreciation and connection to it and one another grows larger.

Get packing!


Writer: Natalie Augustin

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