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We have so few men following us on the blog so when a question about will power popped up in my Inbox from one, I was ecstatic.
As some of you may know, I became a vegan at the start of 2015. So for the past 12 months I have said no to all dairy products including cheese and I’ve refused all meats including fish and the one thing I thought I could never do without, buffalo wings.
If you had asked any of member of my family if I could last for a month as a vegan they would have shouted: “Hell no, she won’t last a week!” And the bets would have begun.
But I was determined to add some boundaries to the way I ate, to become healthier as I grew older and to contribute in whatever tiny way I could to living on an animal cruelty free planet.
So this question about the willpower it took to cut out dairy and meat from my diet hit home particularly at this time of year as I recommit to a vegan lifestyle and set some new goals for 2016.
I have learned a number of lessons I think you might find useful in this journey. I now know that willpower is nothing but consistency, it’s nothing but building mental endurance, and it’s nothing but achieving and celebrating a series of small wins, overtime.

I hope you are inspired by this video.

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