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The Personal and Social Media Brand Bundle

by Judette Coward


Can we talk about why having a strong personal brand voice on social media is so freaking fantastic!

Captain Obvious here but in addition to generating leads, making sales, and gaining visibility, a strong voice is an especially efficient way to connect with and find your perfect people.

The ones that listen to you, trust you, buy from you, and the ones who need to find you and understand how your offers solve their problems or enhance their lives.

It’s also a tres chic way to boost your confidence and open the door to the voice that belongs just to you.

So if you want a guide to help develop your brand voice so you can use your personal brand to confidently build impact and influence on social media…

…then let me introduce you to your Personal and Social Media Brand Kit.

This Workbook and Guide is a 2-in-1 bundle. It includes short, illustrated exercises that are designed to bring clarity to your brand in a digital space. 

As you write, pour through the workbooks, reflect, draw and think about your values and what you stand for you will see a change reflected in your presence on social media… will not only become more intimately familiar with your brand but you’ll also discover the most AUTHENTIC version of you, and the distinct voice you should use to share with the world.

To deepen your work, I have included a pathway to help you nail your online presence with guided worksheets that will guarantee your consistency. 

It will feel like having me in your back pocket. This bundle is essential if you’re struggling with your presence online

 Because posting for one week and then ghosting for the next three will never help you build a thriving business online. 

Let me help you change that.


Here’s What You’ll Get

● 2 Rave-Reviewed Workbooks with Guided Questions To Promote Deep Brand Insights

● Selected Prompts To Discover Your Values And How To Articulate Them On Social Media

● Fun Workbooks That Engage Your Attention As You Work And Build Clarity

  Spaces To Define Your Brand Story As You Work

● Motivational Insights & Instructional Pages To Help You Find Your Brand Voice On Social Media

● Vision Board Pages

● Illustrated Exercises

HOT TAKE: With a defined strategy your brand will stand out with content designed to make your customers become passionate about the products and services you offer the world.

The Future Of Your Small Business is Yours To Shape, Create and Build. With the right resources, training and tools, you can build something beautiful and profitable!

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People do not buy goods and
services. They buy relations, stories
and magic."

-Seth Godin


I mean she is just relentless in how she serves, and her desire to see us all succeed through her training and all her products and services are unmatched. I have never regretted a penny spent with her. Never! Judette you’re the MVP, thank you for giving tirelessly and with love. I appreciate you!

-Kimo Ifetayo

Fashion Entrepreneur


This Brand Bundle Is Perfect For People Who Are
Driven To Work From A Place of Purpose, Peace and Profit.


Coaches and Consultants

Professional Service Providers

Course Creators

Creative Entrepreneurs

Online Business Owners


Content Creators

Small Business Owners

& More

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Previously a business communications and PR executive, I have worked with several global brands to build out their multi-million dollar content, communications, and crisis strategies.

Now I’m playing favourites and my fave is you… a small business owner who wants to scale her businesses through content marketing & planning, community growth, and digital
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