All My Business Contracts Were Cancelled. Here’s Why I Don’t Feel Broken

In the last quarter of 2020, I revisited my business goals using this Guide I’m about to share with you. At the time I called it my 2020 Vision Goal Setting Guide and I used it to win new business contracts and redefine my business: the kind of digital entrepreneur I wanted to be and the quality of social media agency I wanted to lead. I set my intentions. I declared my business goals and I worked incredibly hard on all my time-lined action steps.

I credit this intense 3-month period of planning and team execution for the success Forward Forty Digital enjoyed during the first quarter of 2020

We won new contracts and new clients, we had produced some really creative projects. My workcation to Portugal had been booked…

All the plans I made had to be deferred. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t tell you that I was crushed. All I kept thinking about were the lost opportunities, the lost revenue streams, the lost contracts. Those feelings lingered for a few days until I got thinking: What did I need to do to flatten the curve of depressing thoughts that filled me?

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And then I reflected on the greatest gift we all have now: TIME. It was time that would help me pivot and grow and expand the most.

So I dusted off the Business Reset Guide again and adjusted my compass so that at the end of what I anticipate is a three month run for the Corona Virus, my business could be stronger, more focused, more actualized.

Shifting Mindset to Reset the Business 

Since shifting my mindset and guiding my team, we have been as busy as ever producing content for our own brand, building Forward Forty’s YouTube channel, writing blog posts, optimizing our site for monetization, revisiting our Etsy and Shopify stores and finalizing ad campaigns for the sale of our digital products.

I’ve also looked for ways I could give back my time and energy and show up for others business owners, even in small ways. It’s the reason why I dedicated time to redoing this Guide and sharing it with you.

I know the way we can survive these trying times is to set aside the limiting beliefs, doubts, and insecurities that are taking up precious real estate in our minds. I want to encourage you to spend what time you can during this lockdown building out your systems that will support you when things pick back up again. And they will. What we have now is time; time to think, plan, do and of course, talk and eat and enjoy the little things at a human pace again.

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Judette Coward

A fierce entrepreneur always in high heels, I’m a producer, writer, entrepreneur, educator, digital strategist, and all-around #bossbabe. I dream, do, think and create and joyfully share my offerings with the world
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We all have to reset our clocks. We however also have to adjust our minds to accept the things we can change and the things we cannot. In every difficult situation we face in life we have to find the positives from it. One such positive is once there is life there is hope. We all have to be hopeful that we can pick up the pieces and move forward. If we think about what we have lost we will be daunted by how to move forward when the time come. For the time being concentrate on staying healthy. Be blessed.

Thank you! I appreciate your positive insights always! and you are right! this is a time to refuel and restrategize!

Forward Forty
April 22, 2020 3:25 am

I appreciate your comment Teocah, I have been spending a lot of time doing just that (re-strategizing) and the act alone makes me feel very optimistic about our new normal.

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Judette Coward

A fierce entrepreneur always in high heels, I’m a producer, writer, entrepreneur, educator, digital strategist, and all-around #bossbabe. I dream, do, think and create and joyfully share my offerings with the world

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