This One Trick Will Make You Write Better Copy For Social Media

I write copy. Ok, I do a number of other things.  However I #write copy EVERY day and it still makes me feel accomplished and in a strange way, FREE.

Many times I’m asked about how to write for social media? People get stuck. so they write in a way that feels forced or they refuse to publish anything at all.

Advice On Copywriting 

Here’s the gospel my dad taught me when I was a little girl sitting at a mahogany table writing letters to a grandmother I never met until I was 12.

He said the best copy wasn’t in my head. It was in the reader’s head. MY job, he told me, was to go out there and get it from them.⠀

So as an 8-year old I invented and elaborated stories for my grandmother in letters every Sunday from things I knew she’d like to hear. It’s sort of the same thing I do now.

  When Writing Copy Think Of The Reader

The copy of my friend’s website, I listened to the dreams she had to connect with a global audience and I wrote those dreams from that audience perspective.

My favourite line from my masterclass? To get that I went through the questions from the Facebook group we created to host the course. I listened to the anxiety of the #entrepreneurs and came up with some copy that addressed the elephant in the room, FEAR.

Working on social media copy over this weekend, and guess what—the same thing.

I had jotted down phrases, words, thoughts from the July soft launch of #Simplify. I realized the reason why my words will still have meaning this month is because I reflect on what will cause the reader to think, feel, do.

I have some advice for you. When you want to write copy that causes people to pause their scrolling, never forget to get inside the reader’s head. It’s your job, maybe even your responsibility. Turns out the advice from my father so many years ago still rings true today.

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