A New Home Can Remind You Of Who You Are, The Places You Still Have Yet To Go

Anybody else can’t reconcile their love for an all-white minimalist Scandinavian design with the need for bold, maximalist colour in their homes?
I’ll be the first to raise my hand because I have a fierce woman crush on both styles.
When I moved into my newly renovated home about 5 weeks ago, I had a big dilemma, should I go maximalist with the décor in my living room or minimalist with an all-white refreshing theme?
I am fortunate. My living area (forget the kitchen and the bedroom, my living space is where I spend most of my time) is long and narrow and with some clever ideas for dividing the space (that’s a whole new blog) I was able to create both looks in one room.
Today, I want to take you around my living room. Disclaimer, it is far from done. I am only 5 weeks into the space and I’m taking my time to decide on the rugs and drapes, although I am thinking of one of these gorgeous prints for cushions and curtains. 
In any case, let me show you around one part of my living space: the bohemian room with its new world meets old world vibe.
I’ll start first with the floor.
 When I decided to replace the tiles across 90% of my home with purpleheart wood it was really a hark back to the kind of floors I grew up with. You know, the kind of flooring your parents made you get down on your hands and knees to polish every Christmas from a brown tin of wax. Thankfully the method to the madness is different now but I wanted the same kind of feel and that nostalgia connected me to a heap of good memories. It also served as a base of my living room’s old world-modern day look.
Purpleheart wood is spectacular to look at but I feel it also combines the best of modernity with its shine and also has a rustic feel because of the material, which is set perfectly against the white walls of my space.
Next stop was the couch.
Enter the green sectional and in velvet mind you. I know it’s not for everyone, but the brazen choice was inspired by the dark wood floors plus I think if your living room is the centre of your home, the couch is the one thing you spend the most time thinking about. Here’s is another piece of fortune, there are high, cathedral ceilings in my home so although it is not a huge room like the kind you see in blogs and magazines, it was airy enough to place in a large scale piece of furniture.
The colour of the couch injected an unexpected earthiness and warmth that I was looking for and because I wanted to echo my plant obsession and craving for natural elements (the straw of baskets and the rattan of the plant holders),  it provided plenty of opportunities to do just that. The green in the couch also repeats the fact that I live in a garden home and there is a lush forest that the living space looks onto, and some pretty impressive wildlife.
With the couch down, it was easy to coordinate the rest. Dark olive green pairs beautifully with simple neutrals and looks particularly luscious with pretty pinks, blues, yellows. So I went for the whole enchilada but in a way that still was cohesive.
Accessorizing is always fun.
It’s like being a kid in a toy store, you get to excitedly play around with things you love: colour, texture, shapes, and positioning.
There are two other large scale pieces in this space, a round rattan coffee table and a light blue, distressed sideboard that add flavours of an old world. 
And as luck would have it, I discovered a beautiful vintage French world map from one of my favourite stores,  ConBrio. Its glass insert added a reflective beauty that glinted against a thrifted vase which I grabbed at an auction for a steal of a price about 17 years ago.  I always have it filled with fresh flowers. The George Jensen candleholders are moved from tabletop to tabletop but for now, it adds a touch of glam to the room from the sideboard.
Above the sideboard are bits and pieces that I picked up from my time as a student in Boston. I didn’t have any money except for basics but there was a store on Newbury Street that was closing and I got these quirky pieces at prices that I couldn’t afford back then. I always display them because they remind me of the journey to my present self.
Finally, every living room needs a nook, a corner where you can add some unexpected touches so that it feels a part of the space but at the same time stands alone.
My surprise element is this a yellow Kartell chair that is sleek enough to fit into this cozy corner and picks up the colour palette of the only painting that I have in my living space. It was done my friend about 17 years ago, and she ( I call her Indira, after one of my best friends in high school) has been with me, in every home I’ve lived in since then. I know it sounds silly but I feel that her eyes have a way of guiding me; sometimes we have unexplainable connections with pieces of art.
I love how this room is taking shape and settling into the lovely bones the home’s structure. I believe that just like life,  our home, and the rooms we occupy, evolve, they change and morph over time and yet they tell a story about familiarity. They provide an anchor, a harbour too in a world that can be incredibly vicious.
Even if your home is brand new, as in my case, you get to fill it with the things that remind you of who you are and the places you still have left to go.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Darlene Rousseau
March 23, 2019 2:00 pm

Your aesthetics are wonderful.
Beautiful vibrant and yet serene.

Forward Forty
April 3, 2019 1:51 am

Glad you liked the piece Darlene. And thanks so much for the compliment

Love your style!

Forward Forty
April 3, 2019 1:50 am

Thanks so much Ann

Renee williams
March 24, 2019 11:51 pm

gorgeous! Bless your new home. Love the Green couch and the floors are SpectacUlar!

Jo anne edwards
April 4, 2019 7:40 pm

tasteful, gorgeous and so you.

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