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7 Tips To Make Your Closet and Style Effortless

That’s a piece of advice I’ve always given myself. As I have aged, I’ve also learned how to be less critical of my body when I look in the mirror and more appreciative of the confidence and attitude that I have when I wear my clothes well and claim my style.

It’s why I love fishnet stockings with a below-the-knee pencil skirt and high heels, why I pair bold colours together and why I’m not afraid of wearing a leopard print kimono over a gold lamé dress. (Yes, I did that and just last week too!).

But having a strong sense of style is as much a function of having clothes that I enjoy wearing as it is about having an organized space.

Look, just like you, I have voyeuristic feelings and long for the closet space (maybe even the wardrobes too) of my favourite designers. And maybe you adore the many looks of the top stylists and social media stars you follow on Facebook or Instagram. All that is ok, but I really think closet inspiration can come from more intimate spaces too.

My step mom, for instance,  ordered her one-piece pine wardrobe with its unassuming full-length mirror and brass handles in the most amazing way. Each month she switched things around. What she didn’t wear was put into plastic containers underneath the bed, and out came clothes that she would hang, drape, and fold into the drawers and onto plastic hangers.

Her wardrobe was everything. It was tiny but it was a treasure chest of her favourite pieces and beloved accessories. More importantly, it was organized.

And that’s the way a closet (or your cupboard for that matter) should function.

You should only own things that spark joy. When you walk into your space (if you blessed with a walk-in closet) or open your drawer, it should inspire you. You should be able to visualize how much fun fashion can be; that way dressing will never be a chore because it is such a personal story about who you are and how you feel in a particular moment.

Your style should be a story you’re happy to share with the world.

Here’s how I maximise my space and make the best use of the small walk-in closet that I have.

Sometimes, I’ll base an entire outfit on around a pair of shoes rather than vice-versa. A simple way to organize your shoe collection is around colour, that way it’s easy to instantly see what shape and heel height work best. If you have an unholy amount of shoes, shelving is great for storage and an easy weekend DIY project. You’ll be shocked by how much space you can free up once organize your shoes and remove them from the floor, freeing you up to buy more. 

Organise your clothes by silhouettes, pairing like with like. That means your collection of black shirts and tops can go together. Silhouettes and shapes can be grouped making outfits easy to find and style. 

Hats and scarves are among my favourite accessories. I wear my scarves in multiple ways as headwraps, beach covers, handbag accessories, neckwear. Whether in a drawer or rolled up as they are in this basket, scarves should be accessible and quick to pull out. You can never go wrong with baskets for storage.  Grab as many as you like to store multiple things, like hair products, perfumes, even t-shirts.

My friends have seen these two sparkly vintage tops a thousand times. Do I care? Of course not! Whether I am wearing them with jeans, palazzo pants or shorts, they always look different. When it comes to your go-to pieces, you should never spend a lot of time looking for them, that’s why I always separate my well-worn items from the rest of my clothes. Here my tops are hung on the wall of my closet. When you have a tiny closet every bit of space matters. You can install a rod and hooks on any wall in your room and voila in an instant your go-to pieces have their own space. My only caution is that your go-to pieces should probably not number more than 10 of your favourite items, else the wall will begin to look cluttered. 

Don’t be afraid to put things away and make a space whimsical.  Owning your style is about being organized. I learned this from my mom. This shelf used to be filled with pants I never wore. Once I removed them, it opened up a place I could store my perfumes, face products and even my sunglasses. 

Hangers will always be a game changer if you are looking for an instant closet or wardrobe update. They’ll preserve the shape of your clothes, create space in your tiny wardrobe or closet and make searching for your clothes effortless. Invest in a bunch of them. Wooden ones that are similar in shape and colour will give your space a stylish update. They are by far the most important thing you can purchase for the garments you love.

Use boxes liberally. Don’t just use them for hats but also to preserve memories that are too hard to throw out. Style evolves, it changes but it also comes around again. I don’t subscribe to the disposable clothes culture, I have pieces that are twenty years old but still relevant and yikes, still fit. Traditional hat boxes, because of their vintage feel, always lend the cool factor to a room. The bigger they are, the more they can store.

What is your number one closet hack or tip? How do you create space in your wardrobe? I’d love to hear from you, please share your tips in the comment box below.

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Hi Judette, I keep my go-to pieces together – 3 pairs of jeans and 7 tops. My husband and I are retired so we we function with a Let’s go mantra several days a week (sometimes We Go Out Every Day – All Seven). Everytime i Wear One Of My Tops, I Launder If neccessary And Hang It on the left END of the stash. This System ENsures that The Next time We’re Going Out On OnE Of Our Ususal spur-of-the-moment outings, I Simply REACH for the Top On The Right End Or A Special one I’m in the mood to wear know ing that the one on the left end was the one I wore last, Or yesterday as is often the case.

Forward Forty
January 29, 2018 1:09 pm

Hi Cheryl, I never thought of that, how useful and practical at the same time. By the way, I love the spontaneity with your Hubby, we should all go with the “Let’s Go Mantra,” Retired or not. xo JUdette

lorraine Gibbs
January 30, 2018 8:26 pm

i enjoyed reading this article, love it

Forward Forty
February 1, 2018 2:34 pm

Thanks Lorraine, writing it brought back a lot of memories of my mother’s dressing and orgnaising habits. Good memories.

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