A Feng Shui Master Shares Her Principles For A Happy Home

One of the greatest blessings that comes with creating content for Forward Forty is that I get the chance to sit with amazing women who are celebrating the process of ageing with vibrancy, vigour and grace. And with each conversation, I’ve discovered this truth, that the women who handle ageing the most successfully are the ones who value themselves not for what they look like, or the things they possess but for who they are and who they will continue to become.
No one brought that message home to me more than Wendy Yawching, the Caribbean’s first female pilot now turned Master Feng Shui Practitioner. Maybe the fact that Wendy holds the ideas of ageing and achieving in such symbiotic reverence is because she always had to defy notions of what she could and could not do as she aged. She commanded her first aircraft at 32, more than a decade older than those entering the field. She married for the first time at 50, having sworn off the institution since she bore witness to the ravages of her parents’ disintegrating marriage. And she started a brand new career at age 52, when she began her study of Feng Shui.
As I sat opposite Wendy in her harmonious living room that opens completely up to the most spectacular views of mountains and ocean, I wanted to know how she had been able to step into the fullness of life in the manner that she has. We talked a lot about her new career and getting married for the first time in the second chapter of her life.
There is a vast space that exists between being a pilot, captaining a large aircraft and going into people homes to shift energies and create healing spaces. What drew you to Feng Shui?
My connection to things holistic, natural and healing has always been there. For instance, I never had a doctor but I would always go to a healer. I would see someone who does reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure or shiatsu. I always choose herbal and naturopathic ways to heal my body first. Aviation required that I got checked every 6 months, but that was their business and I went but I didn’t consider the people I saw to be my doctors. Since I’ve been an adult I have always chosen the natural approach to things. I believe in the oneness of all and energetic healing Feng Shui was not alien to that.
Still it is one thing to believe and quite another to say, “I’m choosing this path as a career option.”
Yes. Being a pilot, that’s all left-brain thinking. I studied Computer Science in University that’s left-brain too. I think in the long term. Being in the moment is wonderful when you sit to meditate and I’ve been doing that all of my life. But when I get on a flight to New York, all I’m thinking is how are we getting to there. I’m not thinking just in the moment. My mind has always worked 500 miles an hour ahead. My job always required me to think: “What If?” When I retired from flying in 2006 my intention was to take an early retirement and enjoy life (in Tobago) with my husband, Eric, doing things that we did not have a chance to do early in our relationship. But I kept going back to flying because they kept calling me and I loved it. So I’d fly for a select period, 3 months or 6 months, and then I’d come home.
During the downtime though something started happening. My right brain began to slowly expand. I had more time to do yoga. I started delving into things like Feng Shui and other natural modalities like homeopathic medicine, I was also looking at reflexology and acupuncture. I was looking for ways to grow. I was 52 and ready to transition again and Feng Shui kept coming back to me. I began my research and decided to take a course.
You studied the more traditional Feng Shui with a Chinese master in California and you’ve said you got a great grounding there, but you’ve also said those earlier principles were all left brain thinking. Is that why your earlier studies were so appealing?
What I learned from the Chinese master was based on astrology and astronomy, and ancient Chinese rules and I could apply them very clearly to homes and businesses, or any structure. I learned about the use of space, where a structure has to have a certain angle and every quadrant should have particular energetic blueprints. It was based on very clear rules and it was my first introduction to Feng Shui and I loved it. I was good at astrology and astronomy and the ideal placement of things, the directions and the compass and all of that because it appealed to how I already thought of things. It may have been a different language, but it was an understandable one because it was left-brain thinking.
Did it take you long to realise that something was missing?
I only began to understand that when we began building this house and during the process I realised that something was still missing for me. So I kept looking into developing my Feng Shui understanding and I found a school in New York. It was expensive, I had stopped flying, I was not earning US dollars. I resisted calling the school for quite a while but after a year-and-a-half, I gave in.
Was there a difference in the study of Feng Shui at the New York School?
Yes. With my earlier learning, you, for instance Judette, could send me your plans of your house and if you measured the angles correctly and told me when you were born and when your house was built, I could stay right here (in Tobago) and do your Feng Shui without asking you a thing about yourself. And so in my earlier studies it was about the property or the space and what was happening in it and that had to do with the moon, the stars and the magnetic lines of force and stuff like that. You as the owner would be an addition to the space. What I was being taught in New York, which I understand so much better now, was that Feng Shui should also explore the human element and that the study of Feng Shui involves heaven, earth and “man.”
So the human being is integral to the space and not just a mere addition?
Yes, “man” was every much a part of that triangle. I had a good understanding of heaven and earth. With heaven meaning, the moon and the stars and all those things, and earth meaning the flow of wind and water and the lay of the land and the way energy flows in a certain space. But the school in New York introduced the importance of the human being in the triangle.
Did something shift inside you with that discovery? Human energy is such a palpable, dynamic and even complicated life force. Seems to me that introducing the human into the space makes things not just a bit difficult but also emotional?
That human element is so important. A great part of Feng Shui is working on your energy and your approach to seeing things and being receptive and clearing blocks inside of you, which we all have. The study was also personal. I’m not a crier. I’m one of these strong powerful women but I remember coming out of one of the session and I was in tears. Why was I in tears? They had touched something inside of me that just shattered, shifted, and whatever it was, just came out in tears. And I thought this is really meaningful, this is really awesome, I have done so much training, you know, all over, so many things in my life, I don’t ever feel sad. And I wondered why I was crying? Something happened in that earlier session, my chi had been shifted.
Many people say the same thing about they are exposed to The Secret?
The Secret is totally harmonious with Feng Shui. It is all connected. That’s what I’m trying to say. It’s part of life. It is a part of everything we do. It’s just Feng Shui specifically works with space, and space is inside you, which is where the Secret comes from as well as outside you. The things you are surrounded by affect you. Your space right now, where you are, affects you. If you feel good, you expand out into the Universe in a different way so you affect other people, and the space you inhabit and how you feel. It is all one big union. By doing Feng Shui, I can tweak the outer space based on what I’ve learned or understand about your inner space, so that it affects you differently. But also, just by participating in the Feng Shui process, and being more receptive to the change, you open in different areas that might have been blocked. The inner shifting, and the outer space supporting the shift, can bring new, wonderful things to
And now after more than 3 years of advanced study and years of implementation you are a Master Practitioner helping others change the energy of their spaces by connecting their outer and inner worlds.
I truly believe that we help people because, for one, Feng Shui started off by helping me.
And all of this began at 52. You were 5o when you got married for the first time after avoiding it for all of your life, what was different at the time you met your husband?
I had sworn off marriage since I was 18 mostly because my parents had a really tumultuous one, and it impacted me so I avoided marriage from 18 until 50 successfully. And I had several really wonderful relationships, and I would have stayed with any one of them if it had gone on for the long term but I still wouldn’t have been married.
What made meeting Eric different?
In February 2005 I met Eric in New York. The next day he told me that I’m the one that he’s been waiting for. Now I’m not a fool, I was not a child. So in my mind I told myself to run but I didn’t. A month later, he asked me to marry him and I said no but a month later, I said yes. We got married six months after we first met.
So I guess I am speaking for all women over 40, in their 50s, 60s, 70s even who think that they will never find love and here is your story as a testament to the opposite. But once the decision to marry
Erica was made were you nervous at any point?
No, once I decide to do something, I do it but he really had to be something to get me to say yes so quickly. Eric didn’t even know I was a pilot for a while. He thought I was in the travel business, because I didn’t tell people, in particular, men, what I did because it always changed the nature of the conversation. So he knew I was in the travel business and I would come to New York once every couple weeks, and our conversation kept going on long distance. And I remember our second date, he was already saying I was the one. I came home after seeing him on our second or third date in great turmoil, because everything was telling me that this guy was something special, but I was closed to the idea. I prayed, I meditated on it. And the word came back, and this is what I remember; this is the truth, and it never changes. The word said: ‘I’ve given you the gift. What you do with it is up to you.” And I thought, “I’ve never been one to turn away from the gifts that you give me. So I guess I go.” And so I let Eric know that, and from then on, we were a go. But we weren’t a go for marriage. We were a go for a relationship. The marriage thing, he talked his way into it. He talked for a month, every day for a month he talked his way into it.  And I said yes eventually, because I knew he was a gift.
It’s just so interesting that you were able to tap deep into yourself and listen to the voice. Have you always done that?
No, I’ve not always listened, but I’ve always heard it ever since I was a teenager. But I’m glad I listened then.
Wendy Yawching conducts personalised and group Feng Shui sessions. You can learn more at

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