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I just read another one of your very thought-provoking and inspiring emails.
I especially enjoy receiving these emails from someone just like me and from right next door.
So I just wanted to say “thank you” and encourage you to keep up the good work because one thing
I learnt is that just because people don’t respond,
does not mean they are not impacted.

-Lorna Barrow

Hi Judette, thanks for sharing. I really felt that. It’s very true – as a creative, I can spend too much time constantly researching and not implementing. That’s exactly what I tried to work on this year with my business – implementing. Keep inspiring and have a blessed week.

-Nikesha Smith

Thanks for a fantastic lesson. Although I couldn’t be more interactive, I took notes. Congrats to all the ladies who are participating in Judette’s sessions. We are going to do AMAZING things

-Desi Ann Gordon