Are You Overwhelmed By Social Media?
Ready To Learn Digital and Content Strategies That Help To Turn Followers Into Customers?
If your website (***funnel, sales page, social media, content strategy***) is not working for you, chances are you are leaving money on the table. It's time to change that.
Is this you?
⚡️You Feel Overwhelmed
Do you feel overwhelmed by social media and frustrated when no one responds after you post content online?
⚡️ You Don't Know How To Make Sales On Social Media
Does turning followers into customers intimidate you because you just don't know how?
⚡️ You Lack Know How Or Don' t Have The Time
Do you wish you could have an expert conduct a digital audit, pop open the hood, look at your website and social channels and offer some advice & next steps?
⚡️ You Want To Launch But Need Strategy An Online Strategy
Do you want to know how to create a high level strategy with an email funnel that can put your profit on repeat?
Once you first FREE clarity call is over, a team member will be in touch to see how we can make magic together by recommending a One-on-One Service or through a training programme that best fits your needs. Let's get at it!
Meet Judette Coward
Hey there! I'm Judette
(founder of Forward Forty Digital)

I show and teach overwhelmed female entrepreneurs how to structure successful and profitable social media platforms with content, while showing them how to build digital ecosystems that generate high quality, converting leads that multiply their sales, subscriptions, and/or students.

Previously a communications and PR executive, I have helped several global brands build out their multi-million dollar communications, and crisis strategies.

Now my focus is on helping small business owners scale their businesses through digital marketing, strategic content planning, and online eco-system building so they can grow their communities and revenue streams

I can’t wait to hear all about your digital dreams. I’m here to make them sprout wings and fly with smart digital strategies that works for Y-O-U!