There Are Ways You Can Move Forward And Get Unstuck

Let me kick off this post off with full disclosure. During the last month of 2019, I felt like I was drowning in quicksand. What I mean is that I had all these ideas in my head about the direction I want my digital business to go in 2020 but I just couldn’t set my intentions. I couldn’t see the way.

There were many ideas whizzing around in my mind but I didn’t know how to prioritize them into a plan that could make sense for my business. If you know anything about me then you’d know that this never happens and the feelings of helplessness left me totally confused and if I’m being honest, a bit depressed.

Here were my symptoms.

I’d start typing up my strategic plan then I’d stop. I’d find a million and one things to do at the office. I’d get up and grab something to eat even though I wasn’t hungry. I’d begin typing again, then delete the words. Then I’d just give up altogether and walk away. To be honest during that time I  also spent a lot of precious time looking at Instagram and scrolling through my phone; anything was better than dealing with what I was feeling.

And then I  decided I’d spend a week away from familiarity. I hopped on a plane and headed to Curacao and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I worked on my digital strategy for my business, did my 6-month content plan in 2 days and I enjoyed the next 5 feeling enriched by the island’s European aesthetic and Caribbean vibes. This led me to feel like myself again.

Mastermind business and life coach, Shane Ram,  says getting stuck is not always a bad thing (though when I was in the middle of it, it felt pretty awful and confusing) because it points you in the direction you need to be going. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

I’m going to tell you something now. Something that Shane said in the video above but I am not going to be as eloquent as him. Shit happens. Life happens. Getting stuck happens but, You can’t quit. No matter what. You can get unstuck.

I was more than those moments in the latter part of 2019, more than that my temporary burnout. More than my sad feelings. And YOU? Well, you are more than your circumstances, more than the bad times of 2019, more than the hours you work or don’t, you are more than what society tells you about your dreams or your age, you are ENOUGH. (It’s crazy how enough you are.)

You MUST keep pushing on, even when you feel uninspired or down on yourself or just plain stuck. 

In the Caribbean Content CreatorsClub where I share social media strategies with business owners, I keep reminding everyone that all of us are blessed with a set of assets and liabilities and yet it is so easy to focus on the liabilities until they become limiting beliefs. Shane says those limiting beliefs can cause us to get stuck. They can make or break you. (Those “break” moments? That’s when I want you to cling a little tighter.)

Most people will quit when things get tough. That’s why most people don’t succeed when trying to get their ideas out into the world and fulfill the very things they yearn to do or be. Days will be filled with fear, self-doubt, and exhaustion, but you know what else they will be filled with? Abundance. So much abundance.  And it is all on the other side once you can push through. You can get unstuck and get past all of it.

Small wins,  that’s the thing to focus on, the small wins. They equate to big gains, if only with your confidence.

This week I toured Willemstad.


I walked through streets filled with art, I ate without thinking about dieting and exercising, I swam in the turquoise beaches of a stunning island.

So what’s it going to be for you? Listen to my proposition.

Next time you feel uninspired, move through your feelings anyway so you can get unstuck. You don’t have to island-hop as I did. You just have to step away and breathe. That alone can give you a tiny bit of momentum that can move you from uninspired to feeling ready to jump in again. Like me, there will be moments when you are digging in and it feels confusing. There will be days when you question if you are really cut out to chase your passion. Or maybe it is simpler. Maybe you’re exhausted and the ideas are just not flowing, causing you to feel completely stuck at times. DON’T QUIT! KEEP MOVING FORWARD TO GET UNSTUCK.

Friends, progress is so much better than perfection. It doesn’t matter what pace you move at, just keep moving forward, okay? Forward is forward, that’s all that matters.

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Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.
Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.

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A precursor move before you get unstuck is to Take Full Responsibility for your LIfe – 100% responsibility for your Choices, Circumstances and response to Life Situations.

Yes you may have been Victimised – abuse, emotional neglect, soul-sucking jobs, break-ups, divorce, loss, termination etc but you don’t have to be a Victim.

What can your life look like if you no longer accept that you are a victim? What would you create? What business would you start?

Forward Forty
January 9, 2020 5:27 pm

Great questions Shane and deeply thought-provoking.

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