Can A Good Mattress Save Your Relationship? Yep, That’s The Question.

Let’s take this conversation to the bedroom for a second and while we are at it, let’s sit on a good mattress and hang up the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. WHY? Because what we are about to tell you just might save your relationship.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Can a lack of sleep really send you and your partner to go separate ways? Well, to get the answer to that we turned to the experts at the  Courts Sleep Centre who have interacted with tens of thousands of couples who are looking for a solution to their relational issues caused by the lack of Zzzssss;  you know the lack of conversation, emotional connection, even sex. The folks at the largest furniture retail center in the Caribbean have something of an inside scoop into what happens to your relationship when you don’t get a quality night’s rest.

Turns out sleep or the lack of it caused by sleeping on a  bad mattress will not just prevent a couple from living their best life together; it can also place a serious strain on the relationship.

Let’s talk about those pain points.

1. Not  Having A Good Mattress Can Make Your Relationship Feel Like A War Zone

Remember the time when the same things your partner asks you to do now didn’t trigger an outburst? Well, he probably can’t remember either. Suddenly, every issue is a big deal and all he keeps thinking is: “What did I do wrong now?”  There is a reason you’re getting wound up over the simple things. “When a couple walks into our Sleep Centre they often mention arguing too much but really their arguments have nothing to do with not getting along, but more to do with the what happens to the body when it does not get a good shut-eye,” says Nadine Johnson, Marketing Manager at Courts.

Research shows that when you don’t sleep well, you’re more likely to overreact to situations that normally wouldn’t rattle you. This leads to more conflict between people that live together, it triggers mood swings and produces less than satisfying relationships.

We can’t think of anyone who likes being around someone who is confrontational and grouchy, which is exactly what you’ll be if you don’t get enough good sleep.

2. You Forgot His Birthday. Again.

When Zzzss becomes an issue, so too does your memory. The sleep experts say that if you find yourself getting up, heading to the fridge, and forgetting what on earth you went for, or worse, not remembering important dates like your doctor’s appointment or your partner’s birthday, you can blame it on your poor sleep patterns.


When you toss and turn on a bad mattress, your brain cells won’t have the precious time they need to rejuvenate. This can create memory gaps but wait, there is more. Studies have shown that if you go night after night without sleep your brain can conjure up ‘fake’ memories, which could have dire consequences on your love life. But hey, you can always celebrate his birthday, another day, right?

Being Alone Feels Better Than Going Out With Him

How many times have you groaned when you’re getting dressed just because you don’t want to go out?  That doesn’t fare well for date night no matter how long you’ve been together. The urge to just stay home, weekend after weekend and avoid social situations may be rooted in physiology and you guessed it, the lack of sleep and a good mattress.

The part of your brain that loves social interaction just does not function well after one night of a lack of sleep, much less more. Wanting to stay put and curl up in front of the TV might be ok for one night but if it happens again and again, then you may not really be laying the foundation for a healthy relationship, especially if you’re in love with a partner who is socially active and enjoys your company.

You Can Recite Every Single Line From Sex And The City

Staying up all night watching Sex and The City re-runs is not cool even if you’re single but it’s worse if your significant other is in the bedroom listening to the noise from the show you’re watching. 

Now you may think that you’re not tired and Netflix-ing until the wee hours of the morning will help you avoid your uncomfortable mattress which you will eventually collapse into, too tired to care. But that’s not the case. The behaviour simply turns into a cycle – and will only make your sleeping patterns even more inconsistent. Taking a TV rerun detox, heading to bed to sleep on a comfortable mattress in a cool room next to the person of your dreams will always be better than staring at the blue light emitted from your TV, which in the end, only serves to block the production of crucial sleep hormones.

No Amount Of Eye-Cream Helps

Tired people who toss and turn all night because of an uncomfortable bed come across as less attractive and less competent. “Who says that?” you might be asking. The research comes from The American Academy Of Sleep Medicine. Last year a study found that the faces of sleep-deprived individuals were perceived less attractive because they had “hanging eyelids, redder eyes, darker, swollen circles under the eyes, more wrinkles and just looked sadder.”

Now your significant other may still think you look like a beauty queen but you’d probably snap in disbelief. Why? Because you’re too grumpy to believe it, which, of course can lead to, you guessed it, another argument!

So the big question: how do you fix it?

Ok, so before we take down the “Do No Disturb” sign, we want to say one more thing. 

You can put out the candles, try a new bedtime routine like hitting the sack earlier but the first thing you’d want to look at if you are having restless nights and even grumpier mornings is your current mattress, especially if you haven’t swapped it out in a while.

At the Courts  Sleep Centres Johnson says, there are a few questions their sleep experts ask every couple who walks in with the intention of investing in a good night’s sleep. These are questions you too can ask yourself.

If you answered yes to even one of these questions and you haven’t swapped out your bed for a good mattress in the last seven- ten years, it might be time to check out something that’s designed to be supportive, comfortable and great at keeping your wriggles to yourself.  

It’s time to wake up feeling great. You can thank us later but your partner will thank you every morning you wake up like the person you both remember.

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