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Got your IG feed to look good? Check! The next question to be asking is how to attract followers outside those in your circle or tribe. That’s where hashtags come in and knowing how to use them correctly should be an essential part of your strategy on Instagram as it makes your content discoverable.
So what exactly is a hashtag?
Hashtags are simply words that come prefaced with the pound sign #. Once your caption on IG is followed by words that have  #  before it, it powers the platform to organize and to categorize all your content which in turn enables it to present the right content to the right users. Ok, to be a little less fancy. Just made yourself a smoothie? Once you add #smoothie #greenjuice #healthydrink to the caption, other folks searching for those keywords will find you. Now because it is a jungle out there, the recommended number of hashtags to use per post is typically 30.
Hashtag Variation
The app I use (more on that later) to store my hashtag database allows me to see some of the most popular hashtags with millions of people using the same handle. But here’s a note of caution: Don’t only use super popular tags after your caption. Mix things up a little. Widely used hashtags expand reach and visibility, while niche hashtags help you reach a target group of people. One of my favourite niche tags is #blackgrilswhoblog. Over the past year, it has grown significantly in its use and I love how it opens our awareness of other bloggers of colour. 
Research. Research. Research. Your competitors and other feeds you admire are always a good place to start. Once you find the ones that will work for you, include them in your content!
The Hashtag Golden Rule
Oh, you’ve got to stop overusing the same hashtags on your posts. It will crush your ability to get seen. Seriously. If you’re using the same hashtags extensively, Instagram might mark your account as spam plus some widely used hashtags have even been banned recently due to Instagram’s attempt to solve the problem of offensive content. 
Instagram Apps
Some of my absolute favourites are included here: 
Ok #bossbabes now that you’re in the know, here are some of the Forward Forty team’s favourite hashtags to use. Store them on your phone and mix them up as often as you can. Can’t wait to watch your IG feeds take off.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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WOW!! This is such great INFORMATION that I will start using IMMEDIATELY. Will keep you abreast of how it goes….wow no less than
30hashtags u said!!

Can’t wait to hear the impact Kimo, hashtags will be your game changer and we will be updating this list often.

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