Getting Confident For The Camera Is Important For Your Live Streams

Going live is terrifying, like really terrifying which makes gaining confidence to step in front of the camera and promote your ideas or business as scary as leaping from an airplane. However as nail-biting as it is, doing a live broadcast is also wonderful and soul-satisfying especially when you build a connection with the people who turn up to watch, on platforms such as Facebook.
The one thing you have to understand above all else is that the power of your stories and content are best when you show up. You have to showcase WHO you are, in addition to WHAT you do. In an age of content overload, I want you to also know that Facebook’s algorithm favours you going live. The more you do, the more views and engagement you get especially if you use some basic features like polls and questions, which promote interaction with your audience.
That being said, I get it, it’s not easy being on camera. It’s awkward, anxiety-ridden, and my gosh sometimes you’ll actually hate the way the camera adds 10 pounds to your frame (never mind the donuts you ate for days just to alleviate the stress or is this just me?). Real Talk: the mind games you’ll play over and over in your head just before a live broadcast is insane. So I’m not for a second going to diminish how scared you feel when you think about switching on the live mode on your mobile device. It’s ok to acknowledge that and then get over it. I mean it.
Like everything else going live gets better with practice because you’ll be able to work on the areas that you need to tweak and get more confident about sharing the amazing things you offer, sell and share. Getting confident on camera also allows you to take imperfect action until you gain confidence although I confess the anxiety never really goes away.

Getting Comfortable and Confident on Camera Helps To Build Trust 

If you are concerned with building a following for your business, I want to encourage you to take the risk. There are ways to go slow. You can do private recordings. Later, you can show what you’ve taped to the people you trust, get feedback, and then do the process again and again until you’re ready. However,  don’t make the default the norm, buy time but the only way to build confidence is to do the darn thing.
It’s well worth it to work on your skills as a live presenter because it is how you can come across to your followers as being confident, professional, and organized. This, in turn, will directly influence the way your followers see your brand because the moment you start streaming you become the face of your business.  Here is how I show up weekly during a live stream called Q&A Monday and each time, I too have to overcome my fear.
As a small business owner, you want your customers to know you, like you, trust you and later buy from you, This is where building your confidence in front the camera comes in. Whether you show up faithfully every week or you have yet to muster the courage to press the button and go live, I wanted to share 5 simple yet effective ways to get more comfortable in front of your camera and hone your skills as a live presenter.

How to be Confident on Camera: 5 Ways to to Feel Comfortable

When setting up for a Live, the first thing you should do to feel comfortable is to find the best natural light in which  to film One mistake that’s common is that some people just turn on their camera and start streaming, without taking the time to find the best natural light.
Please don’t do that. There are numerous reasons why you should film in natural light. Firstly, it’s far more flattering than artificial light, it’s also cheaper too. If you are on a budget, do not spend money on lights especially if you have an abundance of sunbeams  filling your home, office or studio. You may want to film your live streams with the light hitting you when you’re standing or sitting in front of a window.
In fact, it’s not a bad idea to practice filming in-front of different windows. In each room in your home or business, try to find the perfect window, which lets in the right amount of sunlight. While you’re at it, you may want to experiment with filming at different times of the day, in order to discover a time which offers the optimal amount of natural sunlight.
No matter which industry your business operates in, the key to building a sizeable following for your business is to come across as being approachable, honest, trustworthy and demonstrate confidence in front of the camera. Thankfully, you can instantly increase your likability factor by remembering to smile. Just remember not to fake a smile as your viewers will immediately sense that you’re not being 100% genuine. Worse yet, if your audience gets the sense that you’re faking a friendly personality for the camera, they’ll start to doubt the authenticity of the business, which you have worked hard to build.
If you’re not used to smiling for a camera or get nervous when a camera is pointed at you, pretend as if you’re talking to a close friend and smile at your camera as if you’re smiling at your best friend.  Your audience will instantly feel at ease watching your Live streams.
If you’re feeling particularly nervous about your first live stream, you may want to get your partner or a friend to hold your camera for you, to put you at ease. Oftentimes having a supportive friend holding your camera can increase your confidence levels.
If you’re a self-confessed perfectionist you may be tempted to nitpick on every mistake you make. However, if you plan on live streaming on Facebook on a regular basis, you need to master the art of embracing your mistakes. The truth is even the most polished, confident individuals will make small errors when they live stream since it’s impossible to control every aspect of the broadcast.
Any word with a “th” in it is a tongue twister for me. I’ve made so many mistakes pronouncing words that have them smack in the middle of a sentence that I no longer feel ashamed. I’m better at it now but even when I was making endless errors, I never stopped doing my Lives. I just practiced. If you learn to embrace your mistakes you’ll be able to quickly move on them. In fact, in many situations, your viewers may not even notice that you’ve made a small error. As a bonus, even if your viewers pick up on a small mistake that you’ve made if you quickly recover from it, they’ll see your resilience, someone who makes mistakes just like them. That helps to build relatability.
Remember it is human to err and your audience won’t hold them against you as long as you remain confident, self-assured, and professional. In fact, it’s a wise idea to learn from your mistakes. Once you acknowledge your mistakes, you’ll be able to avoid making them over and over again as I did with those dreaded “th’s” albeit after a long time. In reality, mistakes are simply opportunities to learn and to become a more confident entrepreneur.
It’s frustrating to watch footage, which was shot with a camera that was held vertically. It never fills the screen and something in the fame always seems as if it is missing. So hold your phone horizontally during your Live. It will not only make you appear in a more flattering way but you’ll also be able to showcase any products, which you’d like to promote to your audience. Remember that it’s smarter to show your audiences how wonderful your products are. Instead of simply talking about your products. Here’s an added bonus: you’ll also find it easier to keep yourself within shot, especially if you move around during your live stream. It is far harder to keep yourself within the frame when you hold your phone vertically.
If you’re worried about appearing your camera adding ten pounds to your body then it’s also a wise idea to hold your phone horizontally.  You’ll look far slimmer in horizontal footage. Why? Because your viewers will be able to see your body in relation to other objects around you such as a desk or a sofa. Whereas when you live stream holding your phone vertically your body and face will look larger as they take up the entire frame.
If you’re worried about freezing in front of the camera or forgetting the main points which you’d like to make during your next live stream, it’s a smart idea to write out an outline of your script.
That way, if you freeze up or forget the next point which you need to bring up, you’ll be able to quickly glance at your script in order to get your thoughts back on track. Usually, once you glance at the point you are to make you’ll be able to naturally and organically talk about your next topic. If you’ve never written an outline for a planned live stream before, simple bullet points work best. An easy way to use them is to describe each idea you’d like to talk about in a single sentence.  Use key trigger words, which will help you remember what you are supposed to say and make you feel more confident in front of the camera.
If you require a little more assistance you may want to write an opening sentence for each bullet point. That way if you find yourself stuck for words, you’ll be able to refer to your opening sentence for each topic, in order to get back on track. Just remember that while it’s a great idea to create an outline for each of your live streams, there will be situations where you may want to veer away from your live stream’s script. As an example, if your Facebook followers bring up questions or topics which you’d like to address during a live stream, you can veer from your script in order to appeal to your target audience.
The whole point of live streaming to your audience is to promote your ideas, business and its products and services. So it pays to be spontaneous from time to time and to adapt to your audience’s needs and wants
I made the choice to start going Live on Facebook once a week a year ago. It was awkward and I was nervous. But I knew the importance of going live and the more I showed up despite that discomfort, the better results I saw. So I want you to keep going at it.  At first, it may not feel natural. However, if you practice all five of the tips which are listed above, in time your confidence will skyrocket. I am so looking forward to seeing you soar.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Judette Coward

A fierce entrepreneur always in high heels, I’m a producer, writer, entrepreneur, educator, digital strategist, and all-around #bossbabe. I dream, do, think and create and joyfully share my offerings with the world
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Judette Coward

A fierce entrepreneur always in high heels, I’m a producer, writer, entrepreneur, educator, digital strategist, and all-around #bossbabe. I dream, do, think and create and joyfully share my offerings with the world

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