How To Build A Personal Brand On Social Media

If I had to pick the top question I’m often asked about building a brand online, especially a personal brand, it would  be: “Which is the best social media platform to market my business on?”

I have a couple of thoughts on the topic and I’ll begin with a question of my own.

“Do I think social media is going to be around forever?” NO! I don’t. Technology always shifts, and so do we despite the resistance we put up in the first instances. The history of radio, TV, cable is not based on a lie.

Social will get replaced by VR and AI and the ways of the Metaverse, but until it does we have a responsibility to use the heck out of its platforms and create a legitimate brand for ourselves.

Translation:  Go out there and toot your horn.

As a Personal Brand, You Have To Be Sure of What You Know

As a personal brand, you need to think of yourself as a media company. I’ve worked at several media houses so I’ve literally been part of a system that sets the narrative of the day based on the content they produce.

Sure, they report the news but they also control our psyche by constantly pushing out what’s they think should be deemed important.

I’m not here to judge.

I’m here to spill the tea and tell you to go ahead and produce as much content as you want across your social media platforms.

Don’t just sell your products and service. Instead create helpful, educational, entertaining, inspiring stuff. Build your tribe and give them real value.

That’s what all the algorithms are prioritizing.

Post About You Know

Listen, I encourage my students in Simplify to be super self-aware of what they are bringing to the table and how it is linking back to their individual areas of expertise, and what they are offering the world.

I am not the first to say this and I won’t be the last but If you operate as a personal brand then you need to think of yourself as a media company. There is just no other way to build a sustainable small business online.

Take a look at my own lIves, content, stories and blog posts.

I operate in parameters. I talk about content, digital marketing, copywriting, and building a business online. Do I have an opinion about Joe Biden, our global political systems, the tiny island in which I love, live, and work? Yes! Do I make them incessantly public? I don’t, well except for on my Twitter feed.

I write for what I want to be known, I build credibility by revealing my personality and the things, people I admire.  Google and a good content marketing system will do the rest.

That’s my spiff on building a personal brand in as short a take as possible because I really want to get into the weeds of the question.

Which Platform Is Best For You as a Personal Brand?

The answer to the: “What is the best platform to be on,” is short and sweet. You need to be where your tribe/ your people/ your customers are. Period!

For example, you may like spending hours and hours on Tik Tok but if you’re selling jewelry to women over 50, chances are they’re on Facebook and you should think about prioritizing your content and ads there.

But there is something deeper because no matter what platform you’re on, the connections you foster are what matter the most. It’s always quality over quantity for me, baby.

I only get greedy and do more on different platforms when I feel I have sufficiently mastered the content game on a couple of the key ones.

I want you to understand that those video views, the clicks to your blog, the comments, and the shares are the diamonds in your content mine.

So when you ask me the question, I have a comeback of my own.

When you’re on social media are you…

Showing up confidently?

Being consistent?

Showing up as WHO YOU REALLY ARE?

Providing value content?

Building ecosystems so your people can deepen their connections with you?

All of that means releasing long-form content at least once a week and short-form content every single day. Social media makes it so easy. Respect the hustle but hustle you must,

ALL THESE THINGS create a successful online personal brand. You and your content are what your audience craves the most.

One Final Thought On Branding On Social

As a personal brand, social media platforms should be just one part of how you exist on the Internet if you really want to build revenue streams online.

The advantage of building out an ecosystem (funnels, landing pages, blog posts, simple sales processes) is that anybody, in any part of the world, in any time zone, can access your best thinking and your products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

And when they get to your platform, whether you’re on 7 or 2, give them something to talk about. Give them space to explore their curiosity about you before they hand over their credit card.

The more you let them in, the more they’ll get to know you. Reveal who you are and your personality. Do that and the more they’ll get to like you (your ideal audience).

Share your expert advice, teachable moments, and all your testimonials/ results … that’s where trust begins.

Trust leads to conversion and conversion, when automated, leads to profit!

Got it?  Good. Now go build that personal brand.

P. S. If in doubt,  I unpack some of it >>> HERE  in this video <<< where I break down how to build an engaged community regardless of  “the 👏 social media 👏 channel”  you’re on.

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Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.
Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.

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