How You Can Find Inspiration Even When Things Seem Depressing

I love having fresh flowers on my desk.

I’m fascinated by the way Parmesan cheese gently falls into a bowl brimming with pasta when the waiter grates a block of it at the table.

I’m inspired by the sound of wind chimes when the breeze is at its strongest.

When I see someone smile at their phone, a kind of secret, romantic smile, that makes me feel happy too.

I’m inspired by the way my team works and how they show up through thick and thin.

I’m inspired by the smell of sheets left out to dry on a hot day.

I’m inspired by Lizzo, her music always makes me want to dance.

I’m invigorated by the sound of the ocean wave.

My favorite part of a museum is the gift shop.

I am inspired by a good book, and words that leap off a page.

                       I guess I want you to know that in an age where things can seem increasingly depressing, the best way to get inspired is to notice the small things that make you happy and ask yourself WHY.

                       When you pursue the Why of your happiness, when you understand the source you can keep pushing forward and create, lead, love life and inspire others.

               Find your why and please feel free to share them in the comment box below. What inspires you, Lovely?

P.S. Speaking of inspiration, I’ve released a blog post on how you can still be productive and happy while working from home, this comes after years of building my own work from home model. The blog post is called “Remote Work In An Age of Corona.” I hope you’ll be inspired.

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I get refreshed when I take a moment, go outside and look up at the clouds. Whether it’s sunny or Rainy, the way they quietly float BY relaxes Me!

Forward Forty
March 22, 2020 6:38 pm

Love this one and thank you for sharing Lou

Melika Dick-St.Lewis
March 14, 2020 10:52 am

tHis present situation is scary and I had no choice but to cancel my upcoming dance show. How I dealt with it is by suggesting that I do choreography via video chat. In that way I get to finish what I started and still interact with my students. I AM thankful for the time inspite of the situation. Although the wheels were alreadt turning tickets were out and paid for. I know it will happen soon just not now. So in the mean time I organize costuming, I fix details of choreographic work, i keep the channels of communication open with my dance parents and continue to be viligent and grateful for this moment.

Forward Forty
March 22, 2020 6:40 pm

Keep taking action, consistent action, it is the greatest antidote to fear. This is a moment, a very bad one, but just a moment. We will emerge from it better.

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