Free Instagram Challenge Begins On Monday

 Are you always doing? By that I mean, are you always running from one thing to another, feeling as if you’re a hamster on a wheel, going round and round with no end in sight?

You build a brand, you market it, you show up and tell stories about it, and on and on you go. But what if you pressed the reset button? What if instead of MORE content, and MORE storytelling and MORE hours on social media, what if you considered pausing? 

Stop going around in circles, stop doing things that don’t work and, simply start THINKING about all the things that make sense for you, and your business right now. Maybe you don’t have to produce that blog just because Jane started one before you did. And it’s entirely possible that you can spend less time mindlessly scrolling and, maybe, just maybe, all the platforms you thought were right for you just aren’t any longer.

 On Monday, I’m inviting you to PAUSE every day with me, bring your lunch, and join me for a FREE 5-day workshop, ***The 5 Day Instagram Challenge.***

We’ll spend five hours over the course of five days thinking about how you can use Instagram for your business. That’s it. I’m not giving you a ton of exercises to do, but what will occur in The 5 Day Instagram Challenge is a shift in your mindset as you learn the ways Instagram has changed allowing you to grow and market your brand really effectively online.

We’ll explore one point each day during our lunch hour together and by the end of the week, you’ll know how to make your dream business come to life simply by showing up, and starting conversations with customers, and showcasing what makes your business special.

BE WARNED: There is a technique to it, and if you join me you’ll learn exactly what that is.

If you’ve followed me at all for any length of time then you know I like to spill my marketing secrets, that I love getting you results, and most of all I like taking pauses for learning before I begin the doing 

The private Facebook page where we’ll conduct the 5 day Instagram Challenge is HERE. Join Now and PAUSE for one hour every day next week. This could very well be the singular game-changer that your small business needs. 

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