If You’ve Got One Follower, You’re An Influencer Too.

It does. I swear it does. All it takes is just one follower and you can call yourself an “INFLUENCER” too. 

I know that may sound strange, but what if like Gary Vee says, what if the one person following your account was Oprah? Bet that one follower would make all the difference in the world.

Look, failure to appreciate just ONE shows just how obsessed with vanity metrics we’ve become! I get it. “Likes” means people are watching (or are they just mindlessly scrolling?). It means they probably like you (but do they really?). It means your content matters (is that translating into sales?) and you and the algorithm can finally be best friends. (Not if Zuckerberg has anything to do with it!).

 Stop! Please Stop!

Because if you’ve got an online business and you’re obsessively concerned with Likes, Engagement and Followers and not Sales/Revenue, Permission-based lists and Funnel marketing, then your entire business foundation is based on quicksand. 

Instead of thinking about width, perhaps it’s time to pause and think about depth. Once you begin digging deeper you’ll see that in your quest to be POPULAR, you completely forgo about IMPACT.  

           Yep, they are two different things. 

We forgot the concept around ONE being better than zero is simply a call to action to do and produce something amazing. It’s understanding that ONE view is better than zero, that ONE represents a start and that humility, patience, a good strategy for growth and a community rooting for your success is the foundation for your shoot to the stars.



That’s why  I’m accepting a  challenge by my online mentor, Natalie, to do all the stuff below this week and I hope you’ll join me:


Focus on serving your current audience well before you go searching for more followers. Remember to keep providing them with value. 


Remember to value the depth of a relationship rather than the number of new relationships you can quickly add to your follower count.


Be driven by your purpose and passion rather than your ego. Impact over popularity, every day.

if you have just one follower,
you are an influencer.
Don’t forget it. Now go create an impact!”

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