Let’s Have A Conversation About Social Media While In Quarantine

Yes, you read the headline right. Let’s meet on Monday during quarantine. You and I and a bunch of other #bossbabes, let’s meet because we all have this one question in common… Can We Still Build Our Businesses While We Are Under Quarantine? Should we be even talking about that right now? How can we begin to move forward when what most of us really want to do is grab a pint of ice-cream and be woken up when its all over.
Look I’m not going to sugar coat this. This S**T  is real but it does not require you hiding out while reaching for another scoop of Haagen Dazz, nor does it require you to be Polly-Anna, to think that it will business as usual and that everything will be fine once you open your doors again. IT WON’T BE.
Ok. I know you may need a few calming breaths with those facts. So….
·       Inhale… Exhale.
·       Inhale…. Exhale.
·       Inhale… Exhale.


Finished? Ok, let move on to talk about our conversation on Monday. I’ve been thinking about your small business and mine. Heck, I’ve got the time. 2 weeks ago I released a Business Reset Guide and an April Social Media Planner to get you going and make you feel less scared. Personally, I’ve worked the exercises in the Business Reset Guide like crazy. It’s the reason I’m feeling better about the direction of my business in a post Covid-19 world and I wanted to share this positive bit of news with you.
People are now spending twice as much time on social media.  More people are on social media it than ever before pre-quarantine. That’s more eyeballs on your stories (not sales pitches) and what you are providing.
I know you might be saying: “Judette, you’re crazy, nobody’s buying anything. Your schtick seems insensitive!
To that, I say: there is ALWAYS someone who will want to buy the thing that you are selling, the thing that you offer, the gifts you share. And what you do and say now,  how you show up will prepare you and your business for the FUTURE in a post covid-19 quarantine world.
So let’s get back to our date on Monday.
At 5: OO pm on Monday I’ll be doing a Facebook Live on Forward Forty’s platform. I’ll be going Live over the next three weeks to prepare you how to show up every day on your digital platforms.
I also want you to be the best content planner out there in your industry not only by being consistent but also by understanding how to properly plan your content so you can keep your customers trusting you and caring about your success 
To join the live, FREE tutorial all you have to do is head over to the Facebook page @ForwardForty and join the party.
>> Look I’m doing this because I know every day as an entrepreneur is uncertain<<
This season, our hurdle is COVID-19. Last season it may have been a major contract, but next year it might be something else! I believe in moving forward. I hope you do too. See you on Monday >>HERE<<. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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