How Natalie Travels The World And The Life Lessons It Has Taught Her

When my longtime friend, Natalie Suite, first moved to Peru about 4 years ago, we began chatting about writing a series of travel stories for this blog.

At the time, she was about to pack her bags to leave Peru and head to Paris with her partner, Mikele, and daughter, Martina. Both of us did not know much about travel blogging, but what I did know was that for all the years that I’ve been Natalie’s friend (over two decades), she has been filled with a sense of adventure.

She has always lived her life like an action verb on steroids. An accomplished hiker, runner, sailor, traveller if anyone could tell a tale and inspire others to pack their bags and go places, it would be my friend. 

4 years and hundreds of stories later, I’ve realised that Natalie and I should never have doubted ourselves. In any case, I’m just glad we kicked those fears to the curb because each week I feel honoured to be the weekly armchair editor of her amazing travel stories that take me all over the world. Seems that I’m not the only one. 

We get scores of emails and messages across all our social media platforms describing how much her travel stories have made a difference in your lives, inspired you to save for a plane ticket or visit someone you’ve been longing to see, and each time both of Natalie and I feel humbled.

In early November, Natalie was in Trinidad for a weeklong visit and I was lucky enough to catch up with her at Dianne Tea Shop. She shared with me all her travel secrets, how we can all go to the places we dream of and why travel has transformed both her and her family for the better.

In this chat, you’ll find plenty of ah-ha moments.

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