Why Oprah Remains A Constant Source Of Leadership Inspo

Oprah Winfrey – Cecil B. DeMille Award Winner, 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

There is no doubt that we all exhaled the morning after Oprah gave what must have been her most memorable speech at the Golden Globes Awards. The world felt better, safer somehow. And for the first time in a long while, we felt hopeful.

As a woman who made talk her currency and reshaped mainstream media in the process, Oprah must have known the magnificent platform she was presented with that night.

On Sunday, January 8th, Oprah became the first black woman to receive the Cecil BDeMille Award and she spoke not just to an American audience but to the whole world who remained transfixed at their TV screens and Twitter streams. That Sunday night she addressed racism, sexism, the #MeToo movement, freedom of the press and truthfulness in leadership all of which have dominated world headlines, fuelled private conversations and agitated social movements.

Maybe  the surge of tweets carrying “#Oprahforpresident” and “#Oprah2020” hashtags was unexpected, but perhaps we should not have been so surprised.

We have been thirsting for a better reality after all.

We need leaders like Oprah. Her journey from poverty to prowess inspires us all and is a testament to her willpower, belief and understanding that you receive only what you give to the universe. The fact that a poor girl from Mississippi become the planet’s first African American billionaire, scandal-free, and without a series of busted businesses behind her, suggest not just her power to negotiate well but also her strength, diplomacy and adherence to ethical standards so missing in our current discourse about leadership.

Maybe it’s about time we had an intelligent, powerful, yet humble woman leading the way at the highest of levels.

Maybe America needs its political leadership to be reshaped, once again.

Maybe it’s time that good judgment and charisma became leadership traits we admired.

And if Hillary Clinton didn’t do it and Michelle Obama won’t, then why can’t it be Oprah?

Judette Coward

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Judette Coward

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