10 Easy Ways To Organise Your Bag

There are a few sacred, inviolable rules in life.

Don’t talk about politics or religion (even more so today!). Don’t break a mirror (seven years of bad luck? No thanks). Don’t swim after a meal (The jury’s still out on this one, but just in case, we’ll keep it in).  And unless you want to be smacked on the head or sucked into an inescapable abyss, never go through a woman’s bag.


Aside from the fact that it’s probably your biggest investment – I mean splurge – it’s also a bonafide catchpot for everything important in life – money, bills, makeup, tech, wine bottles, tampons, shoes and, dare I say it…more?

But with all that responsibility comes a little snag. Think of it like a magician’s hat; you never quite know what you might pull out of it. While there’s some kick to living so dangerously, I’m sure that an unorganised bag brings more strife than surprise to your life.

Thankfully, a well-ordered companion is just one video away.

So grab a couple of small purses, a pencil case, some keychains, and click below to find out how you too can transform your bag.

  • COINS: Place coins in a dedicated coin purse. That way, you can stop them from piling up as debris at the bottom of your bag and have spare change at hand! Win-win
  • BILLS: Yes, your wallet should technically hold your bills, but with receipts these days being longer than wedding vows, it doesn’t hurt to have a separate purse just for them. Here’s the part you can afford to be liberal and Draconian. Throw out what has no use to you. Then, gather all the remaining bills, fold, tuck, store, and voila, order!
  • MAKEUP: If your bag doesn’t come with a zippered compartment or small pocket to store your beauty goods, buying a medium-sized pouch will help consolidate all your makeup and prevent messy spills into your undoubtedly expensive bag
  • KEYS: Ah yes, the bane of my existence. So necessary and yet so pesky. The easiest fix, I’ve found – aside from investing in one of those high-tech GPS locators – is to find the biggest, most weird, colourful, and obnoxious keychain rings you can. The thinking behind this tactic is that the stranger they are, the more conspicuous they become, and the more likely you are to hold on to them
  • PENS + PILLS: A study plastic sectioned pencil case is a double whammy here because it helps organise two types of common clutter into one small package. Make sure to wipe out and disinfect your pencil case before first use so that you don’t contaminate any vitamins or tablets
  • CORDS: Again, use a cheap plastic pencil case and make sure to tuck in all ends before slamming the lid shut
  • SHADES: Why place something so easily breakable in a bag when they can be securely stored in their case, am I right?
  • TISSUES: Whether you’re watching a tearjerker or wiping up a coffee stain, a wad of tissues is one thing you definitely want to stock up on. Store them in a Ziploc bag to keep them waterproof and ready for life’s messiest moments
  • CARDS: They might be small, but they sure are mighty. You never know when you might need that person you met at that popup wine and cheese mixer 5 months ago, so make sure to save all your cards in an old-timey holder or a simple pouch
  • SNACKS: Why go hungry when you can just turn your bag into a portable vending machine? Pack your favourite trail mix, granola, or non-perishable snack into a Ziploc bag and keep it at hand for instant snack time anytime, anywhere

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