Printable March Social Media Planner by Judette Coward 2021


The May Social Media Planning Workbook (digital download) will help you use social media intentionally to build your business and brand online.

Look, I know this period is confusing and the world feels topsy-turvy. COVID-19 is making you think more and more about how to pivot your business online. There are plenty of opportunities but first, you’ll need to know how to plan and create content that builds IMPACT, INFLUENCE, AND INCOME on social media.

The May planner will help you plan out your entire content strategy for the month, week by week, and day by day. From Instagram to Facebook, Pinterest to Tik Tok, Twitter, your blog, even YouTube, this planning download will help you reinvent your digital presence and create content that connects you to your tribe of followers and potential customers.

This monthly Social Media Planning Workbook is designed to help you to plan and create brilliant content so you can finally stop the overwhelm you feel when you look at your blank screen with an equally blank face.

It will make a significant shift in how you plan your campaigns, content and the stories which drive them. Your days and nights will finally belong to you again and a new “C” word will emerge. Control.

You will finally begin to control the worry that comes with not knowing what to post on social media.

You will control the fear that comes with continuously checking up on what your competitors are doing and feeling insecure.

You’ll control the urge to keep checking the number of likes your posts get on social media.

Planning and sharing content from your May Planner will give you confidence and control.

You’ll begin to fall in love with your content and its creation all over again. After all, what’s the point of using social media to grow your business if you’re not doing in a way that brings you absolute joy.



  • Daily and monthly spreads designed for timely and effective social media planning for the month of May
  • Monthly spreads designed for timely and effective business planning
  • Ample, curated space for scheduling, list making and notes
  • Dedicated areas to facilitate idea dumping and brainstorming
  • A financial tracker to plan and measure your brand’s monthly social media spend
  • A series of spreads to track daily and monthly social media engagement
  • A space to document your big wins and reward your teams
  • Inspiring quotations to feed creativity and provoke intentional posting

Key Highlight:

These social media worksheets can be opened on your Adobe Acrobat Reader and printed. The cost allows team members to purchase them individually and attend meetings with everyone on the same page.