Ditch Your Dress For A Minute, Let Your Pants Have A Moment

We’ve all been there, in a dressing rut, reaching for comfortable, foolproof pieces of clothing that we know we look good in.

For most women, that’s the dress. When you wear one, you immediately feel ultra-feminine and there is a kind of freedom that comes with that choice.

1. You don’t have to decide on another piece of clothing that will make your dress look good.
2. It’s easy to grab one from the back of the closet and be ready in under 5 minutes.
3.  It’s effortless and sexy.

While I’m all for sticking to essentials—especially if it makes you feel confident—it occasionally takes a familiar piece worn in an unfamiliar to shake things up a bit.

For me that’s pants, from culottes to wide-leg silhouettes, from wild prints to plain black and from a 70s vibes bell bottoms to chic palazzos, a good pair of pants allows me to think outside the norm; to experiment as well as try different pairings with some personal favourites like my worn denim jackets, printed Ts and silk blouses.

In the video below, I focus on the party pants, you know the kind that makes you want to kick up your heels on a Friday night and partyyyyy. Have a look, you’re about to be convinced that sometimes its ok to stray from your go-to favourites in favour of a piece that can feel modern, bold and wonderfully fresh.

Want more? Here are some easy tips you can use right away.

1.  A jumpsuit that shows some skin can look sexy and gives pants a fun twist.
2.  A pair of loose, wide leg pants is a great staple for your closet. Don’t pair loose with loose, a slender tank to provides the right balance and looks comfortable on every body type.
3. You can make formal trousers more exciting by adding a blouse with statement sleeves.
4.  A crop top is a great way to make a pair of formal pants look fresh and sexy. If you don’t want to do anything too risky, pair a high-neck crop with high-waisted wide leg pants.
5. Not up for taking risks? Ditch the sparkly party pants I wear in the video above for a more sombre colour, reach for a sparkly top instead.

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