Caribbean Content Creators, We’ve Got You!

I see a lot of people struggling with content creation, social media marketing, and having a consistent schedule for posting and sharing content. Frankly, there are a lot of small business owners who just don’t know how to. They either post without a strategy or become overwhelmed and give up.
So! We're going to help.
My team and I have launched a membership subscription site for #bossbabes, female founders, and small business owners   The focus is on NEXT LEVEL content creation, publishing and marketing and specifically designed for your brand’s SUCCESS on social media. 
Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to our FREE content including interviews, industry trends, tips, and insights to grow your followers, engagement, and sales on social media. You’ll also get to know more about SIMPLIFY and how is it a great fit for you.
Plus (Here's The Keeper)
Simplify has moved the business needle for many who have joined its social media subscription service. For Charlene Pedro, it allowed her to sell out her latest course, Mastery Of Me. For Leianna Theodore it gave her the confidence to be clear about her latest digital offering to homeschooling moms. For Dr. Kathy Ann Hernandez it gave her a steady stream of content that she could use with speed and ease and stop feeling overwhelmed as she approached the launch of her book in December 2020.
What's in the Simplify Membership Subscription package?
Here's the list:
1) 20 original Caribbean inspired life + biz  original stock images for all your feeds
2) 15 customizable captions to amp up and simplify your storytelling on every single social media platform you’re on
3) 5 original graphic cards
4) 1 monthly social media calendar to plan out all your content and simplify the process
5) A monthly success path, an action-packed, gorgeous e-book that provides you with specific actions to boost your sales every month
Join the community today to learn more
Go ahead, tell your friends, spread the love and have them sign up! It will mean a lot to us and them too. 
We've got you!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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