Get Ready And Style Up With Me For A Night Out

Girls just want to have fun, right?
Grown women do too it turns out, so when my team challenged me to style myself for an evening out and record it for Forward FortyTV, I was all for it.
Here’s the challenge. I would have to do it without the assistance of a makeup artist or hairstylist. Now if you know me at all you’d understand the challenge, No, not with the clothes (I’ve been playing dress up since I was five) but with the makeup and to a lesser extent my hair. It’s not that I don’t do these things on my own on an everyday basis but for Forward Forty TV it meant that every mistake would be recorded for the public and there was sure to be plenty in the makeup scenes.
Thankfully, over the past 3 years of filming I have learned a lot about doing my own makeup from my super talented friend and makeup artist Melissa Deane who always tells me to use the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Silly, which means in my case, deep purple eyeliner with a bit of a wing, no loud eye shadow (best advice ever as I am disaster there), shimmer highlighter on the cheeks and bold lips (easy enough to do.) 
While my everyday style is very casual -I live in sportswear when I’m working whether at an office or from home- I do know about fashion and what looks good on my body.
Ok, have a look at the video below and since I know lots of you will ask about the dress, it is from Zara and I got it at a ridiculous sale price. At the time, I bought the dress in medium but because I like a sheath dress to skim and not hug my body I would buy it in the large if I had to film the video all over again. Oh! And I do have a confession, I cheated a tiny bit. I had hairstylist Melissa Jones make my hair more manageable and sought her out for some fabulous hair tips.
Enjoy and let me know if there is anything you would do differently. Would love to know your comments.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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