Put These Countries At The Top Of Your Summer/August Vacation List

Will Smith was right: “There is a way that people respond to summer madness.” In many countries as the days get longer and brighter, the weather gets warmer, and we are motivated to move. Although I have nothing against lazy summer days, they are just not for me. More so now that I live in Europe and winter hangs on forever, with a vicious cat’s claws that scrapes my nerves raw.

Summer instead fills me with excitement and anticipation. Of course, some of the season’s appeal is associated with my childhood, where summer inevitably meant, vacation time. Still today, at summer time my thoughts are consumed with how much adventure and fun I can ram into each glorious day. I guess that’s also why summer remains the busiest travel periods of the year.  

On the flip side, if you think about it, there is a great deal of travel pressure placed on summer. Not only is the season seemly short, travel plans become convoluted with the needs and the unwieldy agenda of the entire family. Everywhere is crowded and prices are at their peak.

However, by far the most challenging aspect of summer travel is trying to meet all the high expectations- after all, everyone has been just waiting all year for this.

So how do you plot out the best summer vacation, when so many factors weigh heavily its success-the weather, accommodations, transportation, entertainment, activities, cuisine, etc.

In addition to the many options available at this time of the year – whether you want to backpack, take a cross-country road trip, bum on the beach, lose yourself in a cultural escape, go wild on a rugged expedition, marvel on a modern adventure trek, or head to a city – you still need to consider the possibilities and challenges, even as you intend to keep your travel plans fresh and creative.

Here is my list of summer hot spots to give you a head start on planning the perfect summer vacation.


Practically every travel list of recommended destination in 2018, features Malta. In 2017, nearly one million tourists visited the country in the first half alone. With year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches and over 7,000 years of intriguing history. This destination is richly packed with tradition, culture, history, gorgeous scenery, shopping and most importantly, life!


Said to be one of the coolest cities in Europe. Lisbon provides excellent quality food, great accommodation, and nightlife for a fraction of the cost of some of Europe’s other capital cities. It makes a great European budget holiday destination.


Singapore is a modern Asian metropolis. The city maintains a remarkable balance between old world traditions and modern day marvels. This tiny island state is a true cultural melting pot. Despite its growing skyline and fast pace serious demeanour, Singapore is a fun city with peculiar light and water shows, a world-class zoo, blooming botanical gardens, steaming nightlife, a vibrant food scene, and a shop till you drop experience. No wonder this is one of the world’s most visited cities.


This summer is a great time to discover one of the hidden treasures of the Caribbean-Nevis. Laid back and unspoilt are two of the best words to describe this gem. Nevis is a real getaway from it all.  Often overshadowed by its sister island, St. Kitts, Nevis offers its own island allure. The island offers plenty of natural wonders, from its hot springs to the towering Nevis Peak that sits dead centre on the island. And with white-sand beaches, plenty of local eateries to choose from, Nevis is a top destination for families and couples looking to get away from it all.


During the summer months in Ireland, there are 18 hours of daylight, giving visitors extra-long days to explore.  Mind you, Ireland is stunning all year round, but during the summer months, it really comes alive. From its unspoilt lush topography to what the locals call “a grand stretch in the evenings.” Summer is festival season in Ireland and there is no better time for visitors to enjoy the slew of festivals ranging from food festivals, music festivals, cultural festivals and yes, even a scarecrow festival…why not?

The Bahamas

Over 2,000 cays and 700 islands make up the Bahamas. In this case, you can never have too much of a good thing. In addition to its pristine white sand beaches, the Bahamas also hosts some of the world’s most stunning pink sand beaches, like on Harbour Island. The water is so pristine here even the pigs can’t resist a swim. Beneath its glistening waters, the Bahamas provides incredible diving opportunities, whether it’s exploring one of the world’s largest reefs in Adros Island, or swimming with sharks. The Bahamas offers the quintessential island experience.

Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is said to be one of the easiest cities to fall in love with this summer. Its colourful colonial architecture, charming cobblestone streets, flower filled balconies and energetic Colombian-Caribbean culture makes for the perfect escape in South America. The UNESCO-protected historic centre of Cartagena flows with feelings of Florence and New Orleans and the gentle Caribbean breeze takes the heat out of the year-round sun allowing you to enjoy this fairy-tale city.

Norwegian Fjords

The beauty of Norway will take your breath away, with its enchanting mix of jaw-dropping natural sights and cities steeped in culture and history. A Norwegian cruise is the perfect way to see the country, as sailing routes take you right up close to majestic fjords and into the heart of Norway’s most vibrant cities.


This is the one destination on my summer list where it is actually winter in July and August. So if you are looking for cold summer getaway, Buenos Aires is the destination for you. Skirting the border of Argentina and Uruguay, Buenos Aires lures visitors with its blend of European charm and South American flair. Featuring wide boulevards, neoclassical architecture and a cache of avant-garde museums, this sophisticated city has earned its title as “the Paris of South America.” Even with colder temperatures between June to August the city still stirs with activities. There are fairs, tango festivals, a highly anticipated fashion week, and expositions.

I hope this list of summer destinations helps to jump start your creativity this summer when choosing the perfect destination. It is going to be ‘summer, summer time’ soon- so time to get planning. Stay close to Forward Forty Travels for more travel adventures.

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