Sweet Digs – A New Home for Forward Forty

Anybody else guilty of glorifying working non-stop?
In 2019 I’m done. I’m glorifying working inspired. Here are some other things I’m also glorifying: believing in abundance, sharing more of what I know (look out for our 2019 #bossbabe social media summit) and creating a space for other creatives and digital entrepreneurs to do what they do best- create. 
I’m excited to share that we are building a brand new content studio that will allow us to film and produce our own work and also offer it to others who are also creating ads, video stories, flatlays, photoshoots or want a destination spot for small creative meetings and workshops.
Think good lighting, high ceilings, intimate spaces and outdoor patio from which you can inhale the sweetest of air.
I’ve already gotten the keys, and can’t wait to begin the build-out in February, alongside a group of talented people led by architect, Anthony Salandy. The best part of it all is that you get to help me with key decor choices, that and  I can literally walk to work every day. 
I can’t wait to share aspects of the build-out with you and offer sneak peeks ahead of the big reveal.
This big step reminds me that sometimes a change in mindset it all it takes to grasp what’s in your reach. You’ve got to believe in this mantra:
"I am enough. I am doing enough. It’s crazy how enough I am.
Believe it, repeat it, know it!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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This is wonderful news Judette. The prognosis for 2019 is just awesome…wishing you and your team an enjoyable christmas season and
the best of the best in the new year!

Thanks so much Heather, hoping when the clock strikes midnight tonight there is a ton of joy in your heart. Joy and good health in 2019

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