When You Reserve Your Seat You'll Get 100 + Pieces of FREE Social Media CONTENT
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Learn How To Master Content Planning and Community Growth to Build Your Impact and Income as well as Plan from a Place of Purpose, Peace and Profit.
In this 4-hour practical training, you’ll work with the same content system I use to build a successful online business, turn followers into customers, and grow your impact, and income month-by month from social media.
(This is the only content marketing class you'll ever need.)
Grab & Plan:
For this workshop, you’ll get 100 + pieces of high-value social media content  to help you plan with intention, certainty, and confidence
For the first time ever, you will LEAVE a workshop having a content planning framework and system to take your social media to a whole new level.
After you finish training in the Content Planning Lab, you'll feel accomplished, relieved and less overwhelmed. And you’ll know what to do to put your new content system on repeat and consistently sell your products and services on social media from a place of purpose, profit and peace.

In this content coaching workshop, we will cover these 4 main areas:

First, I'll walk you through a content mapping framework that is based on understanding your unique brand voice. It will help you strategically and intentionally plan Content. And frankly you can't begin to build systems if you don't have this fundamental understanding.

Next, I'll dive deep with you so you learn how to monetise the content you create. You'll get a proven formulae and examples so you can actually create content that helps you sell from social media with ease.

Thirdly, you'll learn how to develop an intentional content plan and build a system you can scale. You'll feel less overwhelmed by social media and have more time to create valuable, results-driven work that creates measurable impact. In this section we'll use content from your FREE Social Media Jumbo Kit

Finally, you'll actually build a content plan during our time together and implement it in the real world as soon as the workshop is finished... so you can see REAL results i.e. more sales, more students, more subscriptions.

I'm SOOOOO excited to receive my Social Media Jumbo Kit with 100 + pieces of content
Judette is one of the rare online coaches that gives her all,

I mean she is just relentless in how she serves, and her desire to see us all succeed through her training and all her products and services are unmatached. I have never regretted a penny spent with her. Never! Judette you’re the MVP, thank you for giving tirelessly and with love. I appreciate you!

-Kimo Ifetayo
Fashion Entrepreneur

In The Content Planning Lab You'll Get 100 + Pieces Of FREE Social Media Content .

30 Story Prompts for 30 Days of Posting and More

It takes 30 days to form a consistent habit. That’s why we created this gorgeous e-book for you. It contains a step-by-step copy guide for social media with 30 TIMELESS social media copy and idea prompts that can be used day-after-day for one month to help increase followers and engagement. But you don’t have to stop there, the prompts and ideas can also be put on repeat 365 days of the year. 

30 Editable Captions

Stuck looking at the screen not knowing what to write. We’ve got ya. Grab 30 editable captions for your business when you reserve your seat at the workshop. One of the questions we get asked a lot is: “Will these captions work for my business?” And the answer is YES! All captions are industry neutral and created to drive engagement, build trust, enhance brand visibility, and allow your community to know who you are and what you do! All you have to do is customize your captions in 3 minutes or less and post!

30 Captivating Work and Lifestyle Photos

No need for Instagram shame! Heck, in this workshop Bundle we’ve put together images of  gorgeous lifestyle photos that give off a Caribbean, feminine inspired and #bosslady vibe. Our Work and Lifestyle Bundle serves every kind of entrepreneur and was photographed to enhance the way you talk about yourself, your work and your brand on social media. Instagram shame! Oh, snap! That’s so yesterday.

10 Graphic Cards

From plain black and white to stunning colours, what these 10 designs have in common is that they were created and curated for you to inspire your followers and motivate them to be the best versions of themselves. Use them when you don’t want to be bothered with Canva and want done-for-you, ready-made, graphic quote cards.

Monthly Social Media Planner

The place where all your business objectives and content marketing are aligned is in your Planner. This 30 Day Content Planner is what you’ll use in the workshop to learn how to plan one month of content in one day.

1 Engagement Cheat Sheet

We’ve stuffed your bundle with a Cheat Sheet designed with all types of questions that you can use to get your followers talking back to you. No more posting and ghosting. These questions are aligned with the needs of small business owners and will connect you to your followers in ways that will keep them talking back to you on social media. CAUTION! Be prepared to spend time answering all the responses you’ll get. Well, you said you wanted ENGAGEMENT didn’t you?!!

and give me my Social Media Jumbo Kit with 100 + pieces of social media content

In The Content Planning Lab you’ll have one-stop system for learning the ropes of creating, planning and mastering a system for profitable posting (and everything that comes with that!).

You’ll get everything you need to go from insight to action… in just 4 hours 


Stop wasting time posting on social media without a plan to attract high value customers.. If you want real clarity about how you can use content to turn your followers into customers, it’s time to stop guessing and start digging into the nuggets of profitable content planning from a place of purpose and peace.

plus you’ll get 100 pieces of FREE Social Media Content. And one week after the Lab closes, if you’d like to me to peek under the hood of your business and take a look at your digital assets, you can book a FREE clarity call with me with a private link you’ll receive.


You Should Plan content with purpose, create with intention and clarity (rather than being all over the place) and have a replicable content system that attracts real subscribers, sales, and students.
In the Lab, I'll open up + share REAL strategies and systems you need to create content from a place of purpose, profit and peace ...
My students often tell me, "I can’t believe you did that. I feel as if you’ve pulled back the curtain and given me a system that will work for my business.” And I do.

and give me my Social Media Jumbo Kit with 100 + pieces of social media content plus access to a FREE clarity call with me when the Lab closes.

Community for Christian Women

Helping women define their God driven potential

Your presence is definitely a gift to the world. Thank you for your excellent advice about how I can go “Deep” with my content! So very grateful for the time you put into responding to my question with thoughtful and practical action steps.

Kathy Ann Hernandez
Author, Content Creator, Spiritual Retreat Founder

Data Manager

Growing an online community of data experts

Judette shared the secret sauce to plan content for an entire month in hours…. Yes HOURS! And YES it’s actually possible! She’s successfully done it and continues to do it using her Social Media Planner and all the other products she’s innovated to help small buisness owners.

Rae Heeraman
Women In Data


“Your presence is definitely a gift to the world. Thank you for your excellent advice about how I can go “Deep” with my content! So very grateful for the time you put into responding to my question with thoughtful and practical action steps.”

-Kathy Ann Hernandez


I have struggled for so long to show consistently in my online business for years. This is no longer an issue now that I have purchased the planning system. Judette is one of the most thorough trainers I’ve come across in this industry. Within days of implementing the strategy I was confidently able to plan 30 days worth of content in very little time. Judette and her team gives no fluff solid, and ease to implement advise that moves business mountains. She is truly a BOSS. Thanks Judette for your commitment high level content that you give us.


The Social Media training workshop provided by Judette a few weeks ago was the icing on the cake. She shared the secret sauce to plan content for an entire month in hours…. Yes HOURS! And YES it’s actually possible! She’s successfully done it and continues to do it using her Social Media Planner. I’ve been using the planner since 2018. It’s a proven methodology not just a planning system. This planner is without a doubt a must have for everyone who wants to be able to quickly, easily and successfully plan content.


Judette is the real deal, I will echo this point. I have surely grown since tuning in to her sessions. I truly love and appreciate the passion and dedication that Judette has for helping people (within the Caribbean in particular) to develop themselves, and their businesses.


Thanks Judette for all that you do and always being a shining example to us all of what is possible.


Thank you so much Judette. It has been a genuine concern for me and you helped me to recalibrate my mind. The Social Media Planning training session was one of the most empathetic and practical I’ve had in a long while. Human and realistic.
Looking forward to more from you.


I always knew there was a science to increase your engagement and viewership and Judette enlightened me to this.
As usual thank you Judette for sharing your knowledge with us. Keep growing and improving you are indeed a great social media mentor!!!


I was affected by Covid 19, I must admit I was hit pretty hard but I continued to show up on my various platforms. The tides started turning in mid May lots and lots of inquires re: my consistently showing up. From then to now business has been slow but constant getting better every day and all Social Media generated!!! Can you imagine if I really did all that my Social Media mentor Judette Coward-Puglisi advised!!!! Judette you’re the MVP … thank you for giving tirelessly and with love. I appreciate you!!!


Judette is an entrepreneur with a lot of other qualities to her name. She’s a powerful woman filled with creative ideas to suit any woman’s need. Especially if you feel stuck on a project or idea, she has great content that would certainly get you moving again. Love her energy as well!

Farah Gopaul

You inspire so many of us to live a BIG life …so all the love and support to you.


I participated in a Social Media Planning Session with Judette, it was awesome. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Bonuses to help you get the the most out of the Lab.

This is a super practical, no-fluff workshop. You're not learning hacks, you'll be learning content planning systems so you can stop the overwhelm
You'll receive a Social Media Jumbo Kit when you reserve your seat with over 100 pieces of social media content so you can be ready & prepared to plan.
Get 2 Custom
with fillable areas to write in during the workshop, and at your own pace
long after the
Lab closes.
After the Lab closes you can auto-book a FREE 30-minute call with me using a private link provided.
I firmly believe that this is the Content Planning Lab is exactly what you need to succeed with your business on social media.
This training in the Content Planning Lab is about 4 hours in total.
Come prepared to learn how to Build a CONTENT PLAN THAT WORKS
Hi! I’m Judette

I am the creator of the Social Media Planner, a bespoke social media system, SIMPLIFY and 30 Days of Content. You  can just call me your social media BFF.

As your BFF I could make this all about me but you have Google for that.)

I could spend a ton of time taking about my 20 years running a super successful PR firm and I could  blah blah blah blah on about my years spent serving global clients but then how I can best serve you would be lost.

***Friend, nobody has time for that.**

So let’s make this about YOU and me.

When it comes to creating compelling content that converts—and doesn’t burn you out along the way, you need a system and a strategy that works.

Over 10 years I have published over 5000 blog posts, 15 thousand  Facebook posts and an endless stems of newsletters. What I know for sure is that if you’re posting without purpose then you’ll never progress your online business.


But you don’t need a media company, or a team to get results 

The content that moves the needle, drives results, and pushes you, must have a deep purpose be created with a plan.

COME PLAN WITH ME is designed to show you a content systems that works, and how wildly easy it can be when you begin mapping your monthly content. In fact, I’m determined to flip your approach so you can begin to PLAN, POST and PROFIT with speed , ease and without the overwhelm


Q: I'm so busy. Why is this workshop 4 hours long?
A: Hey friend, when you're actually planning content you'll wish the workshop was longer. In the Content Planning Lab you'll be learning and implementing. There will be group breakouts and you'll be putting your Social Media Jumbo Kit to good use. If you have a small business and you're on social media, you need to know how to plan. In 4 hours, I'll show you how.

Q: How long will I be able to have access to the Social Media Jumbo Kit?
A: The Social Media Jumbo Kit is yours forever and ever. I want you to always have this content, so if you join now, it’s yours forever. There is also more where it came from. I am constantly simplifying social media for my students and creating new content. You'll always be in the know about what's new.

Q: I’m a ____fill in the blank____ , will this work for me?
A: Here’s the good news, this course is for anyone who wants to create content with purpose, intention and clarity -- regardless of the topic or subject matter or industry. If you're needing a step-by-step walk through of an entire effective profitable content planning system, The Content Planning Lab will cover it for you.

Q: What can I expect to change with my planning after I'm finished with the workshop?
A: I have great news. We're not hacking content. I'm showing you a content system that works, is effective and can bring you high value clients and increase income, over time. After you'll see BIG changes. You'll become more consistent, your content will have a purpose which you can flex to fit your business!. Up to you! You'll get more engagement and in the end the content which you plan and share with the world will turn your followers into customers.

Q: Tell me more...what is your course about?
A: The Content Planning Lab is my content planning masterclass centered around a solution to the fact that a lot of small business owners spend about 90% of their time creating content on the fly and not using it to build a thriving business. So, this is my solution to creating content with purpose, creating with intention and clarity (rather than just upping your quantity) and having a replicable, scaleable plan that attracts real subscribers, sales, and students.

What is the date of the workshop?
A. Click Reserve My Seat to get the latest dates.
My A's To Your Q's

Hello Lovely,

From a garden bungalow based in the Caribbean, I teach overwhelmed female entrepreneurs how to structure successful and profitable online businesses.

Previously a business communications and PR executive, I have worked with several global brands to build out their multi-million dollar content, communications, and crisis strategies.

Now I’m playing favourites and my fave is you… a small business owner who wants to scale her businesses through content marketing & planning, community growth, and digital
ecosystem building.

Ready to chase your dreams and give them wings so they can fly?

I’m here for you and always cheering you on!

You deserve to know how planning content for the right audience increases awareness and sales for the gifts you offer the world.

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You deserve to know how planning content for the  right audience can change your business, the sales  you make, and your life.

The Content Planning Lab Can Help

Get notified when enrollment opens for our CONTENT PLANNING LAB. Sign up below.

Enroll NOW To Be the FIRST to know when The Content Planning Lab Goes Live and receive a 25% discount off the ticketed price.