Facebook Live May Be Easy But Here’s How To Really Use It To Build Your Brand

The first ime I went Live, I was a young reporter working at a local TV station interviewing the contestants of the Miss Universe Show. During each broadcast I remember the fear, the anxiety, the adrenalin rush and the flurry of activity by the technical crew; and each time, just before the 3, 2, 1 countdown, I’d go crazy asking myself: What If?

What if I flubbed my lines? What if my makeup didn’t hold up under the lights? What if the people watching the show thought the gig should have gone to somone with more experience? Let me tell you, the fear was real but so too was the joy the team and I felt each time we nailed it.

Today going  “Live” is a totally different feeling and it’s pretty amazing to see how technology has changed everything. Now, you don’t need a flurry of activity around you, heck you don’t even need a cameraperson or a formal set! Facebook Live does it all. The platform’s video streaming feature  allows you to broadcast a live video out to your tribe  through your company page or your personal profile using a webcam and the simplest of setup. Really, it does not get better than that!

Facebook Live is such a game-changer because and if you are using its features consistently, you will no doubt
reap the benefits in the long-term.
Here's why.

For one, Facebook updated its ranking algorithim months ago  to show more Live videos streaming in real time. That means you do a  Live, then they’ll show it to  more people. Secondly, using Facebook Live raises brand awareness, which translates  into  more leads into your door (online or off) increases interactions with potential customers and deepens trust with your existing ones.

If this doesn’t convince you to get on board and press the Live button then maybe you should just keep reading because what I’m about to tell you will make you want to get in front of that webcam faster than I can get to the end of this story. Promise!

5 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook Live In Your Content Marketing Campaigns
To Build Trust In A Real Way 

Before any one of your followers buys something from you they have to do three things:  know you, like you, trust you and there is nothing better than a Live to build that trust.  Why? Because what you’re talking about in your Live is happening “face to face” and in real-time. People get to see you, listen to your voice and connect with you on a deeper level. Honestly, if there is a secret to online success, this is it; the ability to connect with other human beings.

To Answer Questions in Real Time 

In my Q&A Monday, I answer questions in real-time during my Live, which gives me an opportunity to engage with other fempreneurs in a specific Facebook group I created. This is a recurring series. Every Monday at 5:00 p.m I show up in a LIve  and share information around topics about growing an on-line brand. This strategy is easy to nail and is so reawarding. All you have to do is be consistent with the time and day of week you go live, get your notes together and your minor tech challenges out of the way,  especially if you’re signed up with  a third-party app like Zoom.

To Showcase An Event To People Who Couldn’t Attend.

 I watched a live broadcast of a wedding recently on Facebook recently. No, I didn’t know the couple but I was fascinated by the way it was being shot and even more fascinated that a photographer was using Facebook Live to broadcast such an intimate event. But think about it for a minute, wil you? If you’re having an event , broadcasting it is a great way to connect with the folks not able to attend or an audience curious about it.

To Be Seen As A Thought Leader In Your Field

There is nothing better than being a leader in your field. Ok, maybe there is something better, sharing what you know. Its a major reason I love Lives, there is something special about helping others create better content to build impact and influence. If you do yours in a way that is not sales focused, does not sound gimmicky and if you can consistently show up and share what’s happening in your industry you’ll emerge a thought leader  and a go-to source. It a strong way to build a loyal and engaged following.

To Take A Look Behind The Scenes

I was asked recently at a  Women In Tech Conference if it is possible to separate your personal life from your brand. I said yes. Some people are camera shy, some prefer to focus soley on their products and not on themselves. Facebook Live is an ideal way to show off the unique personalities and values behind your company. You can  have your customers give testimonials, or show your product or service at work. My favourites are the behind the scenes Lives, the algorithim loves them too. It looks at your Live and says: Are people engaging? Are they commenting? Are they sharing? Are they reposting because if they are, the algorithm gets hot and sweaty and says: “We’re gonna show it to more people!” 

Here Are Some Best Practices For Your Facebook Live

Natural Light Wins. Natural light is perfection and  easy to infuse your video with it. Once you have a window, face it for a clear and crisp look in your frame.

Film Horizontally on Your Mobile Device: We don’t put  phones horizontally to our ears so I get it, it feels unnatural to do a Live  in this framing, but trust me on this one, flipping your phone to a horizontal view yields a much nicer sized video that and looks way better than a verticallly framed video. 

Still Scared? Create a Few Private Practice Videos: Still scared to do a Live despite the benefits, then go incognito. Practice endlessly by recording a video for your eyes only. To do this go to your own Facebook profile, and selecting “Only Me” before recording. This will allow you to practice until you get comfortable but never wait for perfection. Ok!  You’ll get stuck.

Smile : Always, always bring positivity and energy and the laughter, if you can.

Embrace Small Mistakes: Anything with the letters “th” in it is a tongue twister for me. I never get it right. And I don’t care, at least not on a Live.  In fact I make fun of this failing and I keep it moving. With live video,  mishaps are bound to happen, and these things are actually what makes live video so much fun. Most of all is helps your audience see that you’re a real human, with flaws, just like them.


Great people make for a great business but maybe, just maybe, building a dream team has little to do with telephone extensions, an office space or a reception area and more to do with surrounding yourself with people of deep talents, sharp minds and strong motivations who happen to work remotely.
"...Your Number One Concern Should Be To Build Engagement."

Ask Your Viewers To Interact: “Leave an emoji” “Can I have an Amen” ” If you’re watching, say hello” These are the CTAs of the Calls To Action  I use all the time to make sure I’m encouraging comments and engagement on my Live. You can use these as well to up your engagment as  posts with more likes, comments, shares, and views are prioritized on Facebook’s News Feed. Interaction on your videos also makes more people inclined to engage.

Have Someone Monitor Comments and Feed You Questions: With Facebook Live it can be hard to host your video and reply to comments at the same time, which is why you should have a colleague/ friend/employee answering your comments in text form, and prompting you to answer the most relevant questions during the actual broadcast.

Call Out Your Commenters by Name: Say people’s name. As simple as it semms it makes memebers of the community feel special. It’s important. 

Give an Actionable Sign-Off: The worst thing you can do is just casually push the finish button and then walk away. I like giving a good sign off and having my viewers understand what to do next. So you can consider your own next steps. Do you want your viewers to subscribe to your live video channel? Visit your Facebook page for a discount code? Share the recording on their page? Whatever the goal. say it and always end your Facebook Live  with something actionable for your viewers to do.


Lives will be here for a while. The platform -ok, ok Zuckerberg- has set up the algorithms to favour
them in ways that are immensely positive for every bossbabe building a brand. Use it and use it often.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.
Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.

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Charmaine Trotman
November 18, 2019 12:55 am

hello. great article

I appreciate that Charmaine. Thanks so much

Great stuff judette!

Thanks Wendy. We have more on our Caribbean Content Creators Club as well.

Hi judette, happy new year! That article was great and just totally gave me the impetus to go and do an fb live right now. this is because just yesterday, my sister and i were discussing doing this to share of my expertise more. iam waiting in a hotel lobby, read your article and it seems to be a sign, so i am goiung to wet my feet

Forward Forty
January 19, 2020 3:54 pm

Go with the signs Lisa and remember, progress not perfection.

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