Is A Vision Board Right For You?

Not sure if using a vision board will be a motivating force or an energy drainer in your life? You might be onto something.

When I started one years ago I was driven by a couple of things.

Firstly, the active process of cutting pictures out of old magazines, printing quotes from my favourite cards and books, and then plastering them onto a board satisfied the buried artist in me. At least with a vision board I could pretend to be a creative who was capable of making something old look beautiful and new again.

Secondly, the idea that I could use my vision board to attract more positivity into my life appealed to my optimism. I grew up believing that you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with and that once you project your positive aspirations into the universe, they are more likely to become a reality. A vision board, I thought, could help me ramp up my personal laws of attraction.

Turns out, there are many folks like me.

Ask any one of us why we take time to create, cut, paste and visualize our future and we’ll tell you that the process unlocks the power of our imagination, or helps us realise our goals. We’ll say that it ensures that we have fun when mapping the present to the future, as idealised as it may seem, all laid out on a vision board.

But the exercise is not for everyone and can often be a way to trick someone into believing that he/she has attained it all.

For instance, if you are prone to fantasizing or idealizing your goals then research shows that your motivation and energy decreases as you try to achieve them. In contrast, it says having realistic fantasies and more attainable goals are often associated with higher rates of success.

The findings don’t stop there.

According to the research, “when you’re focused on thinking about your future, you end up tricking your mind into thinking you’ve already achieved your goals. Regardless of whether your objectives are reachable or impossible, you forget about obstacles because you’re too busy enjoying the feeling of having achieved them. In turn, you won’t work as hard when challenges actually arise.”

As tough as that this news is to hear, it offers practical lessons in knowing where on the spectrum of visioning you stand. Having a clear vision is another form of work since nothing comes to life without the elbow-to-grease hustle.

Vision boards are not just for dreamers but for doers.

Personally, a vision board gives my days and months structure. It helps me focus on what’s important and what I am trying to create for the future. Because I am motivated by challenges, it’s a healthy way to remind myself that a positive and bright future is possible.

If a vision board seems like you here are four things you will need to do to get started, followed by a practical easy-to-use guide in the video below.

Tips to Get Started With Your Vision Board

  1. Set the mood: This part means different things for everyone, but the concept is the same; create a safe space. If that means settling down with a warm cup of tea, a plate of macaroons and a vase of flowers, or just a sparkling glass of wine, go for it
  2.  Get rid of distractions: Turning off your phones, watches, TVs, and iPads allows you the time and creative space to really get introspective. At the end of the day, this is all about doing a deep dive into your life, sorting out your priorities, and outlining actionable steps to bring them to life
  3.  Put it down: We’re taking it back old school to papers and pens. Find an empty notebook and just let your thoughts flow. I recommend making a list of the feelings and core values that govern your behaviour and your life. This will help you separate the impactful goals from the ones that are merely decorative. Then, on a separate page, write down how you see yourself. Remember to be really honest here. Are you outgoing? Introverted? Empowered? Timid? Be as specific and honest with your assessment as you can be. It will help you think about how you can activate parts of yourself or what skills you need to actualise to manifest your dreams.
  4.  Self-motivate: Write down your favourite quote or an affirmation that motivates you. This will help centre you and will give the exercise an overarching direction to keep you focused as you build out your vision board.

Judette Coward

A fierce entrepreneur always in high heels, I’m a producer, writer, entrepreneur, educator, digital strategist, and all-around #bossbabe. I dream, do, think and create and joyfully share my offerings with the world
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Judette Coward

A fierce entrepreneur always in high heels, I’m a producer, writer, entrepreneur, educator, digital strategist, and all-around #bossbabe. I dream, do, think and create and joyfully share my offerings with the world

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