A Beginner’s Guide To Writing For The Internet

The first time I fell in love with writing I fell hard.  I remember the exact moment too. It began that Sunday afternoon when my father called out my sisters and I from our Sunday after lunch slumber and declared we should write our grandmother a letter.
We had met Hilda Raven only once before; she moved between London and NYC for work as a nurse. Still, we loved her.
Ok, let me be honest. What we really loved were the barrels she sent stuffed with pretty, sugary cereal, Mars chocolate bars, huge bottles of shampoos, and a ton of fancy clothes. The cardboard tubes with their steel covers arrived on a hired truck twice a year. I joke today that as children we had  Christmas three times a year,  in June, in October, and then again when the real holiday rolled around.

No wonder my ten-year-old brain equated my grandmother with love

  Love Letters To My GrandMother 

Anyway, when you’re ten, there is no way to disagree with your father who wakes you from a Sunday slumber to write someone you only really know from a constant stream of barrels.  That Sunday afternoon as my sisters and I sat down to write our grandmother, we groaned a lot among ourselves.

At our age, what could we even say in the letter? Then I decided the only way I could communicate was to share the beats of my heart, the things that happened to me that week in school and at home, the stuff that was going in my life.

So out of my heart and onto the paper where I clutched the ink pen my father gave me, came stories of my school friend, Leela, for whom I ended up in the principal’s office. That day I decided to take on her tormentors, I was beaten to a pulp ( it was the only school fight I got into in my lifetime). I also wrote about my love for hair baubles and polka dot pants, both had arrived in a barrel.

As  I wrote my grandmother my secrets, it became clear to me that I loved playing around with words. When I received a letter in the mailbox addressed to me from her, that was the exact moment I was telling you about earlier. That was when writing became important to me.

Never again would my father call me out to write a letter, I did it religiously for 6 years, every single Sunday until I was 18, and was able to visit her regularly.

 Writing Allows You To Know Yourself

Our exchange of letters taught me a critical lesson —  writing is the way you come to know yourself as well as others.

Over the years, I discovered that an empty white page is a mirror into stories that lurk around in your heart and linger in your mind.  I found out that when words are unclear you could scrap them and try again.  Re-writing is re-thinking.  And once ideas become clear as a piece of  Buckingham Palace crystal  I discovered that they could get responses from others.

Writing is as magical as touching.

​I have never stopped writing. I served as editor of various school papers. I had two long-distance relationships for many years, which I swear survived (until they were no more) only because of the long stream of words I wrote.

I traded in words, followed in my dad’s footsteps, and became a journalist. Today, I write in almost every aspect of my business

Discoveries About Writing

​Now, I regard a well-written blog post or article as an atom of energy. It attracts. It confers and transfers meaning. And because the internet rewards people who are thoughtful and allows others to see new ways of being and doing, writing can be life-changing.

Each piece of content you write is an advertisement for the kinds of people and opportunities you want to attract, and if you have a voice, you can build a PLATFORM.

The biggest advantage of writing is that it can change the way you live. First, if you do it consistently you have to carve out the time. So there’s that, the intentionality of it all. You become more curious, more observant and you have to marry all that with the solitude that is required for writing.

In essence, you can no longer be absent from your life. Curiosity becomes a constant friend, and the most powerful insights come from everyday experiences that people ignore but you can’t.

It is exactly what  Dr. Maya Angelou said:  “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. “​

                Writing Online Is Game-changing

I’m glad I get to marry all styles of writing: creative, technical, digital, mostly all of it is online now. I even enjoy writing custom captions for female entrepreneurs to help them show up more consistently on social media. Here’s why you should write more.

 Writing online makes the way you market easier. No kind of advertising beats thought leaders showing up on platforms consistently using words. The people who read your writing can become your customers in time. Writing builds an audience that speeds up a path to profitability.

Writing online forces you to be consistent and show up when everything else pulls at you. Want to know why?  Great businesses are built because the founders show up to work, no matter how they feel. It’s never about the short-term thrill but the long-term commitment ad vision.

Writing online will teach you to own your audience. Social media is fantastic but it’s only one step to audience capturing. The likes may be fun but to become a  self-reliant marketer you need to move your audience to your owned channels, using compelling words and yes, imagery.

Writing online will accelerate your learning. Don’t wait to become an expert. Become one in the process of writing because the act and the art will force you to learn as much as you can and share your best ideas with your tribe.

And as you write online, you’ll build authority in your niche.

My Advice To You

I could give you more reasons, but I think you get my point.

I’m glad my father woke me up many Sundays ago from that afternoon slumber. I woke up to something I fell hard for.  I’m happy too that my grandmother responded to every single letter I wrote, she’d have a chuckle now if I was able to tell her that our letters made us pioneer bloggers.

My advice to you is to: “Go write!”  It will transform your life and your business. Know that your words don’t have to be fancy. You only have to make them simple, clear, compelling. Writing will attract your tribe. And that’s all there is to it!


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Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.
Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.

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