The Confidence You Have In Yourself Will Make You Good Enough To Take On Anything

I wasn’t the skinniest, the brightest, the prettiest or the richest girl in high school. In fact, I spent the years between 12-17 not being the best of anything at all. But there was one thing I was pretty good at. I kept believing that if I pushed through, if I crossed that last hurdle, if I gave things my all, that my efforts would be good enough.

Turns out through sheer will and practice, I became the best at self-belief.

When I started my PR firm without connections, experience, or money, I almost talked myself into accepting several job offers. However, I decided no each time I was on the brink of signing a contract choosing instead a path that would largely define my life as an entrepreneur

The Alternative Is Hard Too

Then I dreamt up Forward Forty.  I heard the voices of so many of my peers wondering what the heck I was doing giving up a successful PR firm to create content and put it up on social media. It wasn’t the cool thing to do back then. However, I listened to the narrative in my head and morphed that content creation into a digital content strategy firm.

When I gave a presentation outside my home country to a room full of global communicators in Toronto, I wanted to vomit with fear. I struggled to hide my feeling of not belonging. Yet I kept accepting speaking requests; now when I step in virtual rooms in front of European and Israeli professionals to talk about branding and social media, I feel very much like a commander and not an imposter.

Now I’m still I still not the skinniest, prettiest, richest, or even the most special or gifted, nor have I been given something unique. I just keep getting back up.

Call my faith in my abilities CRAZYYYYYY , but this is something we can ALL do. We can keep believing and rising and thinking we are good enough. Yes, it’s hard. But so too is the alternative.

How To Ensure You Feel Good Enough


When the wind leaves your sails, learn how to get back up.

When their words cause you to doubt the path you’ve chosen, learn to drown out their chatter and listen to the most important voice in the room

When you’ve fallen because of fear, no money, no connections, believe in your faith and your works.

Trust me. Success is not just reserved for the best, it also goes to those who get back up.

So I have a question for you. How committed are you to believing in yourself and your ability to rise again?

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