The Ultimate Website Checklist Before & After You Publish

So you built website and you’re about to go live, huh?

Can we take a second just to celebrate the moment.

Congrats! 🎉 🎊

Whether your website is for your product. service, whether you’ve built it to highlight your personal brand or sell merch, let me be the first to raise coffee-cup-cheers to you:

You did it, friend! 

I know you are anxious to get this from your computer screen to the world, but let’s take another second or maybe two or three, to wrap your head around this fact.

Your launch can wait for a bit until you check out the Ultimate Website Checklist.

I know you’re anxious, you took months and months to conceptualise, write, design and build your beauty, but the worse thing you can do is launch and not check your metadata, links, the UX experience, conversion paths etc.

So here’s a checklist of all the buckets you *just* may need to fill.  Oh, and if your site is already live, this list will still be your BFF.

Cheering for you, friend!🎉