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The Caption Pack

by Judette Coward


Everyone who uses their social media platform account to grow a community and a business knows the frustration of staring at a blinking cursor for hours on end trying to think of what to say.

It’s crazy!

But I bet this happens often when you have to write your social media captions,  the words just don’t come.

You second guess yourself.

You feel frustrated, so you shut off your computer in frustration telling yourself: “What’s the point, no one cares anyway.”

”Turns out -they do! 

The people who follow you care about what you have to say. Your potential customers want to trust you and buy from you and the only way they can do that is by getting to know you and your brand through what you write, the words you use, and the stories you share.

Secretly, heck, you care too because you know that social media marketing is what drives a small business up the success path, and by golly, you’re tired of looking at others in envy who get it right.

Enough already! 

It’s time you passed go and get ahead of the caption game!

The Social Media Caption Kit contains over 100 customisable and editable captions that you can use to plan out your content in all of your platforms. 

How would your business change if you could post a caption in under 5 minutes and get consistent on social? What impact could it have to know that you had content every single day of the week? 

Oh, and don’t get me started on the 5 different categories of caption templates you’ll find in your Kit organised to sell, tell and showcase your business.

Having all this at your fingertips will feel like MAGIC. Freedom! Sweet relief!

Get consistent on social media with these customizable caption templates strategically designed for social media to build your impact ad influence, and finally stop the overwhelm!


Here’s What You’ll Get

● Includes 100 captions in 5 categories ( these were all written by Judette and her copywriting team) that you can edit daily  in 5 minutes   or less for  your Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest strategies 

● Includes a bespoke caption platform where you can edit your captions each day in under 5 minutes and then copy and paste them onto your own social media accounts

● Allows you to plan out every detail of your social media content just the way Judette does hers!

● Included instruction sheet and onboarding message, just in case you need a little TLC to post content like a BOSS in minutes!

The story we tell ourselves is actually what is being sold.

And the only way it matters is by connecting it to people we wish to serve.

Captions do that. They are micro stories but too few of us know how to write them well.

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This is a digital download and as such a final sale. Your purchase includes a FREE customer call with Judette or a team member so we can answer ALL your questions and provide guidance as you work. Lovely, we want you to WIN!

People do not buy goods and
services. They buy relations, stories
and magic."

-Seth Godin


I mean she is just relentless in how she serves, and her desire to see us all succeed through her training and all her products and services are unmatched. I have never regretted a penny spent with her. Never! Judette you’re the MVP, thank you for giving tirelessly and with love. I appreciate you!

-Kimo Ifetayo

Fashion Entrepreneur


The Caption Pack Is Perfect For People Who Are Driven To Work From A Place of Purpose, Peace and Profit


Coaches and Consultants

Professional Service Providers

Course Creators

Creative Entrepreneurs

Online Business Owners


Content Creators

Small Business Owners

& More

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Hello Lovely,

From a garden bungalow based in the Caribbean, I teach overwhelmed female entrepreneurs how to structure successful and profitable online businesses.

Previously a business communications and PR executive, I have worked with several global brands to build out their multi-million dollar content, communications, and crisis strategies.

Now I’m playing favourites and my fave is you… a small business owner who wants to scale her businesses through content marketing & planning, community growth, and digital
ecosystem building.

Ready to chase your dreams and give them wings so they can fly?

I’m here for you and always cheering you on!