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The Launch Kit

by Judette Coward

$247.00 (4-in-1 bundle with FREE training)

Quick question? Do you have a marketing strategy for your business? Ok, Ok, I see you nodding yes!

But can I be a bit more direct?

Do you have an online marketing strategy to get sustainable, profitable income for the long haul? 

MORE like…

…one that doesn’t require you to be constantly posting on social media?  One that runs while you’re cooking dinner or as you’re watching another re-run of  Sex And The City?

Enter The Primed for Profit Launch Kit with 4 workbooks and in-depth frameworks created for small business owners just like you.

The system is designed to help you build a SUSTAINABLE online marketing strategy and long-game plan that’s better than the hustle-  your-brains-out thing you’re doing now.

This Bundle is for serious small biz owners ONLY.

The ones tired of sitting on the fact that their website can be a revenue-generating system that makes a bunch of money and works as hard as they do.

If you’re ready:

  1. To understand and build a system that brings $$$ to your yard.
  2. And know that with the economic turmoil,  the website & systems you build to turn browsers into buyers matter now more than EVER.
  3. To be anti-fluff, and down for putting grease to your elbows so you can pay your bills and thrive and lean into the BEST part of being a small business owner —because that’s what it’s going to take right now to survive in an uncertain economy…

…Then the  Primed to Profit Launch Kit is the Tina Turner leg workout you need, but for your business. 

It will equip you with the know-how and skills to move from offer to landing page, to e-mail sequence to launch.

All automated. All perfect.

It includes the content runaway you need to build 6-8 weeks before you launch as well as how to develop a nurture-to-sales email sequence so you get $$$$ at the end of your system 


Support in a private community group to help you build your first digital ecosystem successfully.

The Launch Kit is for serious entrepreneurs only.

It ties every single element together in a step-by-step sequential manner and all the workbooks are guided so you’ll feel as if I’m right there with you guiding you along the path to success.

Want to change the trajectory of your business so you’re not just selling good vibes on social media but launching products from a place of purpose, peace, and profit? 

 Get The Primed For Profit Launch Kit NOW.


Here’s What You’ll Get

This 4-in-1 Primed For Profit Launch Bundle will help you outline your offer, build your landing page & your content launch runway and so much more.

Gain confidence and start earning $$$ for what you create so that you can take your area of expertise and start to monetize it in big ways.

● 4 Part Printable Launch Kit System that totals over 70 workbook pages showing you LITERALLY every step to map out your offer and set up a successful ecosystem.

●  A Proven Roadmap created per request of 400 +  students, showing you how to DIY a 5-part email sequence for your next launch …                

● Next-level email marketing strategies to amp up your results … from your offer to your landing pages to your email sequences and more.

● Private Facebook Group for weekly training to help as you build your first successful automated digital ecosystem.

We both know this price point for all the training + extra workbooks in one bundle is ridiculous:) BUT, helping small businesses thrive—not just survive—is what I’m after!

"Constantly worrying about where your next customer is coming from is for small biz owners who don’t care or know enough to build systems. I'm here to change that." ~Judette.

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Ease and Speed

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Trust Issues?

No need. Our security systems have their gloves always on to fight back any Internet gremlins. We accept Visa and Mastercard and PayPal if that’s your preference


This is a digital download and as such a final sale. Your purchase includes a FREE customer call with Judette or a team member so we can answer ALL your questions and provide guidance as you work. Lovely, we want you to WIN!

People do not buy goods and
services. They buy relations, stories
and magic."

-Seth Godin


I mean she is just relentless in how she serves, and her desire to see us all succeed through her training and all her products and services are unmatched. I have never regretted a penny spent with her. Never! Judette you’re the MVP, thank you for giving tirelessly and with love. I appreciate you!

-Kimo Ifetayo

Fashion Entrepreneur


The Launch Kit Is Perfect For People Who Are Driven To Work From A Place of Purpose, Peace and Profit


Coaches and Consultants

Professional Service Providers

Course Creators

Creative Entrepreneurs

Online Business Owners


Content Creators

Small Business Owners

& More

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Hello Lovely,

From a garden bungalow based in the Caribbean, I teach overwhelmed female entrepreneurs how to structure successful and profitable online businesses.

Previously a business communications and PR executive, I have worked with several global brands to build out their multi-million dollar content, communications, and crisis strategies.

Now I’m playing favourites and my fave is you… a small business owner who wants to scale her businesses through content marketing & planning, community growth, and digital
ecosystem building.

Ready to chase your dreams and give them wings so they can fly?

I’m here for you and always cheering you on!