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The Modern Portfolio Kit For Small Business Owners

by Judette Coward

$150.00 (with copy)

Let’s be honest: how often have you wished that you had a gorgeous portfolio that had everything about your business in one place?

Like who you are, what you sell, the stuff that makes you unique,  and oh yeah the fees you charge for your genius?


You know it would be awesome because not only do many potential clients ask for portfolios, it’s also something you could send out to as many hot prospects as you like.

A portfolio can increase the number and quality of leads that flow into your small, amazing business, in ways a website just can’t.

You know what I mean.

Potential customers get links to websites all the time and close them off within 10 seconds but when they get a portfolio, they are completely drawn in, especially if they receive one as gorgeous as what you’re about to get.

Welcome to the Modern Portfolio Kit For Small Business Owners, a totally customizable modern portfolio to show off your work. And WORTH!

All you have to do is drag in your photos, switch around the colours and objects we have placed for you and brag about what makes your business wayyyyyyy cooler than the rest.


Not only does this Kit have a completely customizable design we also include all the copy and word prompts that you can use as is or tweak to suit your vibe. You will never have to think about what to say.

Want some marketing magic that brings in more leads, more business, more money, saves you time, and showcases your genius?

Grab the Modern Portfolio Kit For Small Business Owners!

BOOM, your business will be ‘kill’in’ it when it stands out and stands apart as you rake in more clients with your customized Modern Portfolio Kit!


Here’s What You’ll Get

● Stunning and modern 19-page portfolio Kit that highlights and shows off your brand, your business, and impresses the heck out of the people who have been longing to buy from you – you got this!

● Includes Canva design which you can easily get and begin customizing right away.

● Instructions, professional video, and PDF that will hold your hand. Resources to teach you how to edit your new portfolio kit. Think of it as the one-stop plug-and-play guide for busy entrepreneurs. Hey, we’ve kept it real simple.

● Oh the cherry on top of the ice cream is all the copy professionally written by Judette to make sure you sound polished and ready to deliver on all the orders you’re about to get. You can use the copy as is or just customize her words to YOUR brand!

HOT TAKE: This layout is the EXACT same one Judette uses to win new clients and business for her copy services. Like exact, exact!

Join Millions Of Small Business Owners From Around The Globe Who Use Portfolios To Attract The Right Leads Into Their Business

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This is a digital download and as such a final sale. Your purchase includes a FREE customer call with Judette or a team member so we can answer ALL your questions and provide guidance as you work. Lovely, we want you to WIN!

People do not buy goods and
services. They buy relations, stories
and magic."

-Seth Godin


I mean she is just relentless in how she serves, and her desire to see us all succeed through her training and all her products and services are unmatched. I have never regretted a penny spent with her. Never! Judette you’re the MVP, thank you for giving tirelessly and with love. I appreciate you!

-Kimo Ifetayo

Fashion Entrepreneur


This Portfolio Is Perfect For People Who Are Driven To Work From A Place of Purpose, Peace and Profit


Coaches and Consultants

Professional Service Providers

Course Creators

Creative Entrepreneurs

Online Business Owners


Content Creators

Small Business Owners

& More

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The Modern Portfolio Kit For Small Business Owners  × 1 $150.00
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Hello Lovely,

From a garden bungalow based in the Caribbean, I teach overwhelmed female entrepreneurs how to structure successful and profitable online businesses.

Previously a business communications and PR executive, I have worked with several global brands to build out their multi-million dollar content, communications, and crisis strategies.

Now I’m playing favourites and my fave is you… a small business owner who wants to scale her businesses through content marketing & planning, community growth, and digital
ecosystem building.

Ready to chase your dreams and give them wings so they can fly?

I’m here for you and always cheering you on!