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Best copywriting tips to get inside your customer’s head

I’ve never been to therapy, well the formal kind anyway.

But when two of my closest friends shared what goes on behind closed doors, it seems like therapy is not just about reflection, it’s also about real grunt work.

It’s hard and it takes you to uncomfortable spaces.

To me, therapy is like running the Savannah. You have no idea why you want to beat your last, best time.

There is a need inside you to get better and by the end of all the trying and failed attempts, you will have learned that it was possible.

And you would have been given a unique set of tools to get to the end.


It was in my late teens when I realized that writing was my preferred form of therapy.

The practice began when my mom died, without sending a memo to my heart.

And through both my parents’ passing, painful breakups, and yes, even periods of blissful joy, I have chosen words to understand my internal world and the one outside.

I’ve used introspection, empathy, and sentences to heal, uncover, recover and become more self-aware.

This  *ahem* , according to what my two friends have told me, is what they seek when they sit with their respective therapists.

***The reason why I’m sharing this with you is that I’ve recognised that the prime benefit of therapy- self-awareness – is necessary for all small biz owners when we’re producing high-converting copy like email sequences to drive sales.***

Yes, I’m going there. Let’s talk copywriting.


Here’s The Deal:  you can blame your followers for not buying your product or service, the algorithm for not showing your content.

You can grumble about your friend who did not support you, and you can decry the customer who did not whip out their credit card to purchase from you.

You can call the readers of your work all kinds of names  ** stupid comes to mind* because they were unappreciative of your long hours and intense labour (that’s what writing long-form, sales-driven copy is all about).

Oh yeah, I’m calling it like it is because in the past I’ve been Petty Betty too.

But in doing so you forget the one place you should be looking to find the reason why no one is purchasing what you sell.

In the mirror…

And the first question you should ask is: Do your words convey enough empathy?

That should be followed by: Are you skilled at getting deep enough inside your prospect’s head? Have you understood all her pain points, and what she wants to be solved?

Do you know why she will deny herself the solution even though she needs it, and what it will take to convince her to purchase it?

Can you share your BIG idea as to why she should buy from you?

***All of it has to be represented in your copy because writing good copy is like lovemaking.****

When it’s good, it means you were present in the moment, familiar with what was needed,  consumed with understanding and pleasing the other, and willing to take unexpected exploratory turns.

Fail to come up with the right mix and you end up without a climax. And of course, you know by that I mean, the sale. 


I once read that good copywriting is all about creating the conditions where a “yes” is inevitable for the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

That’s written in a BIG font in my notebook and anytime I design a sales-driven email sequence I refer to it. 

Cultivating empathy and self-awareness in your life and in your small, amazing business is what will make you a better copywriter.

It means you have to be involved in the minutiae of your customer’s feelings.

If you’re not that kind of person and you have not found your own preferred form of therapy then may I suggest you follow the framework below?  

You can also find yourself a good copywriter and pay her what she’s worth.

The framework

  • Who is your ideal customer and what is their level of sophistication/awareness?
  • What can you offer them prior to them paying, as a show of value?
  • Do you know what problems they want to be solved?
  • Which solutions have they tried before?
  • Why didn’t these solutions work and why is your solution better?
  • What are their top objections?
  • How do you handle those objections?
  • What’s your unique positioning and your proof it works?
  • What are your big ideas? Your big promise?
  • Do you know what’s keeping your customers up at night and their goals?
  • What stories do they tell themselves and what can make your offer irresistible to them?
  • Are you clear about the benefits of your offer?


Nail this framework and you will find yourself thinking not only of the words you write but also of how they connect with the folks you serve. If you can combine these two smarts, I think you’ll see a major takeoff in your sales.

P.S If you like the copywriting framework for getting inside your customer’s head,  you’ll also enjoy another framework I made about using social media content to bring more revenue into your business.

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