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Use This ChatGPT Prompt For Your Next Speech

Today,  I want to share the best speech prompt I’ve designed.

I stacked it in a burst of creativity as a sample  prompt for some university copywriters I was training at the time.  

It’s been used over and over again and it’s only because  I took the time to write the prompt.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

….Prompts are like shiny pieces of code except we’re not using languages like Python or JavaScript (Thank God).

We’re writing our prompts in English, Spanish, Chinese, French or whatever language we’re familiar with.

The disappointment with ChatGPT comes when we’re looking for it to give us a great caption, an applause-rousing speech or a targeted proposal but what we get instead is vanilla…

… boring sounding stuff, off-putting phrases and canned responses that sound like a machine was at the helm.

But there is something you have to remember, friend. You’re the captain of the GPT ship, not the machine itself.

When it comes to writing, stick this on your Pinata

Large Language Models like CGPT4 Don’t Niche Down to Anything

They are the masters of all trades, specialists of none because they have to be everything to everyone.

Specificity Matters

So if you want to get  specific, if you want one kind of writing as opposed to the next, then you’re going to have to do the research and find out which tool best suits your objective.

It might not be ChatGPT.

For example, MPT Storywriter is built  for writing long form fiction.

It will spit out a better quality story from a great prompt much better than GPT4 can.

But the word to watch here is prompt.

The six letters suggest that what you give to ChatGPT should be short, brief, and have some flesh on the bones but not much of anything else.

That’s so far from the truth.

If you’re a small biz owner and you want the machine to spit out copy that sounds like it came from your heart and brain then you’ve  got to make your inputs as detailed as possible.

Remember my philosophy ***garbage in = garbage out.*** 


How to get ChatGPT to sound like you

Now is there a way to get Chat GPT to sound exactly like you? Yep.

It’s called fine-tuning and it requires computational tools, skills  and an understanding that is way above my pay grade.

However, I discovered a workaround that can help you.

After 8 months of trial and error, ****I’ve found that if I continue to feed ChatGPT my brand voice, my style guide , my target audience and samples of my work…

….  if I stack the prompt appropriately it will give me everything that I ask for.****

Pro Tip:  Save all your Guides in Google Docs so you can have them at the ready.  Such a time saver

Can ChatGPT be creative and write in your voice? Sure, but you’ve got to do the heavy lifting first.

The more specific, precise, and focused your prompt is, the more likely it’s going to give you a good output, one that sounds like you and which hasn’t been seen before.

Want an example of great prompt stacking? Here’s one that can  use in  a speech. Remember you have to do the  heavy lifting first and give ChatGPT something other than a two sentence prompt.


How To Get The Best Results  For Your Speech With Prompt Stacking 

1. Be specific and set up your success parameters at the start. 

Your openers should contain keywords, and phrases that allow any language model to identify all the relevant content in its probability matrix to accomplish what you want.

2. Be clear Use specific verbs like write, summarize, extract, rewrite, etc. to give the model clear directions.

3. Use background statements 

4. Create a second prompt this is essential for longer form or even specific type of writing. 

BIG NEWS: We’re Building an AI and ChatGPT Prompt  Collective

We’ve been building our own ChatGPT product in secret. 

It’s called The AI Prompt and ChatGPT Collective.

Think of it as a mixture  of  a video based ChatGPT prompt engineering course, a fun challenge  & a resource library stocked with over 200 AI prompts.

The work we’re putting into  this is incredible and I can’t wait to tell you more. 

But for now, trust me when I say that prompt engineering is the skill you absolutely need to master. Check out the reel below to see how I’m building the Collective behind the scenes.

AI Tools & News To Note

1. SEO Core AI Use AI to analyze and improve a website’s SEO. Get advice on websites, keywords, and competitors. Analyze backlinks to identify areas for improvement and boost ranking in search engine results pages.

2.  Bramework: is an AI writing assistant that helps businesses improve their website’s ranking and attract more visitors. It can find keywords, generate content briefs, perform SEO analysis, and extract SEO information.

3. Zapier: You can automate your marketing tasks with Zapier. Connect ChatGPT to over 5,000 other apps to create custom workflows.

4. Jetpack AI Assistanta WordPress AI plug  that generates and edits text directly within the WordPress Interface. Ok we’re talking about summarising blog posts, correcting grammar and translating.

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