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Create A Business Plan With ChatGPT

For the past few weeks I have been showing you how to zero in on ChatGPT and other AI tools to get really good results.

 I included some of the personal prompts I use to drive my business and was incredibly delighted by the many:” thanks for sharing, Judette” responses.

I guess by now you know my mantra and the thought that grounds it.

Women are the fastest growing group of small business owners in the world, plus we’re living longer (at least ten years more) than men.

We simply cannot let ChatGPT and AI pass us by.

However, I’m concerned that we’re not keeping up as much as we could which in turn makes me concerned about a future made irrelevant for us. 

I believe that AI  has some awesome benefits. You know it. I know it.

I feel excited about it just as I did  the first time I turned on my computer  in the 80’s. It made that weird sound that told me: “Hey, you’re on the World Wide Web.”   

Here’s what actually concerns me about ChatGPT and AI.

Small biz owners are overwhelmed by the pace. They  feel ill equipped to handle it and at the very basic level are not learning how to use prompts correctly.

My pet peeve?

We’re putting in poor inputs and misunderstanding frameworks. The result. We’re getting inaccurate responses and suffering from confirmation bias when ChatGPT spits out something we think is correct.

I was on a Live session recently and the lead trainer said:

“Entering prompts from the same messaging angle(s) creates more of the same. It also comes in at a quality-diminished level – due to it not germinating from your creative ethos or having a “hot take” associated with it.”

ChatGPT can be an incredible tool if we’re asking the right questions.

What are those Qs? They come from Y-O-U.

The deeper your insights + customer knowledge + frameworks  = the more accurate the output.

Remember this formulae because no one will ever know your business and the dreams you have for it better than you do, certainly not ChatGPT. We’ve been working on developing an online AI training programme for over 3 months. We’ve put together ideas, listened to our customers, watched the rate at which AI is developing and guided our product focus via some roughly drawn notes.



The paragraph below forms part our initial sketch notes and it was only when I needed to develop the project plan for execution I decided ChatGPT should be able to help me.

Here is the context and if you keep on reading you’ll see the exact prompt I used.


Estimated Time Durations:

  1. Best Results:

Here is the exact prompt that you can use in ChatGPT: 

Given the context and rough notes above, please produce a project plan highlighting key objectives, tasks and deliverables with estimated time durations. Do not create it in a table format use headlines as key differentiators.

  1. Context comes first.
  2. Provide in-depth specificities that only you will know
  3. You can ask GPT to develop the information in a table format
  4. Dialogue with ChatGPT more. Refine your input. Tell ChatGPT they got the response/output wrong (if it did). Apply critical thinking skills. The  third project plan was much better than the first (seen above) only because I got granular with the bot and refined my context.                

Apps To Watch

Some of these will seem familiar and others not so much. If I had to recommend my faves as a small business owner growing a digital business model, I’d say ChatGPT, Figma, Zapier, Notion, and hell to the yes, Gumroad!


AutoGPT is everywhere and it’s apparently kicking ChatGPT’s bot to the curb. 

DISCLAIMER: I have not used AutoGPT  as  yet but the thought of having AI agents that act as personal assistants and run by themselves is pretty wild. Using it can be expensive (it runs on the token system of GPT4) but initial reviews says AutoGPT is going to be the next big thing.
Otter.AI will forever be one of my most beloved AI tools for developing transcripts from video or audio files. Saves me at least two hours each time I use it.

GPT 5 is not happening anytime soon says Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. Personally, I’m all for taking the pause to just breathe.

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