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Mindset Matters: Two Questions To Ask Before A Six Figure Launch

Do you have any idea how to have a 6-figure launch? I do. I mean I don’t! Wait, let me explain.

The fact that you probably said no to my first question is not because you don’t know how to launch your products and services successfully.

Hear me out.

In fact, you probably have had so many “peek behind the curtain” BTS moments on the internet, you could probably write a book on how to launch.

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But instead, you continue to believe that other people know things you don’t.

Maybe they do. 

But  I have to tell you when I study all the Gary Vaynerchuks’, Amy Porterfields’, and  Simon Sinecks’ of the world, here’s what stands out to me.

They are always willing to do the work and fail. Do the work and fail. Do the work and fail, before they succeed.


So maybe it’s not about if “you JUST knew the secret, you’d be way more successful” at your online launch…

 …Or that there exists a top-secret-confidential file (that you suspect everyone else has but you) that explains all the things about business and online launches you’re supposed to know.

Let me tell you something, that file does not exist.

This brings me to the: “Yes, I do and Yes, I don’t”, statement I made at the start of this post.

To be clear my first five online launches failed.

When I first launched the Social Media Planner, for instance, I never got to three figures much less six but I  kept pressing forward not because I was  susceptible to the: “If I just knew” fallacy but  because I was open to the idea of: “Try and failing. Committing to execution and failure just so I could learn.”

We want to believe it’s just the knowledge we’re lacking.

Most times (not all) it’s not.

But guess what?

As humans, it’s way easier to blame “lack of knowledge” than the real reason our launches aren’t the rip-roaring successes we want and need them to be and it’s because the sidelines feel more comfortable than being in murky waters.


I just want to repeat something I always say here; knowledge means nothing without execution and when the secret is hiding in plain sight, it all comes down to two things:

1. How badly do you want it? 

2. How willing you are to be comfortable with failing?

Once you embrace the possibilities that your answers bring, you start to discover the “secrets” to successful launches all on your own.

P.S. Failing taught me that winning is all about consistency.

Ok I need  you to   >>> CLICK AND READ THIS <<<   and if you do, promise me that you’ll execute at least 3 of the 6 tips I share.

Finally, I’d love to know what was/is the biggest mindset shift you had to make in order to earn $$$ from your online business. Tell me in the comment section below.

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