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Some Personal Updates – February 2023 

I can hardly believe it! I did a double-take looking at my calendar this week.

 Sometimes I really don’t get how the time seriously FLIES BY like this! How is it already February? In the year 2023. WHAT. EVEN!

And if you live in T&T or coming in from the cold, how is it that it’s been 3 years since we played ‘mas together.

Like, time, could you just slow down for a sec?

Errr NO! It’s Carnival speed on up, will ya!

But seriously, I remember being 16 and waiting to be grown up and a proper woman, and here I am thinking if only I could bottle time. 

Anyone with me?

So, today I wanted to not focus too much on business but catch up with you on this Rhianna Concert Sunday (what Superbowl), and drop a few, new personal life deets into your lap 🙂


First of all, last week I attended the best funeral ever. It’s weird, I know, to even place those two words together. 

But to sit in the Southern Academy of Performing Arts last Thursday and say good-bye to one of my dearest friends mom, was an exercise in what it means to truly live a big, magnificent, wonderful life. 

I thought I’d cry during the farewell service for Jennifer Johnson.

Instead, I found myself being swept away by the stories of her life as a Government Minister, YTEP CEO, Girl Guide President, Youth Leader, wife, mother and so much more.

Her funeral reminded me that fulfilling your most supreme dreams while contributing to the success of others defines a life well lived.


I’ve had some people asking about my Central home sale and FINALLY some good news. I have an offer. 

It’s not the first price I wanted but it’s the next best thing the market was suggesting I could get. 

So instead of waiting it out, I decided to adjust my portfolio, pay off some debt and see life not as wins and losses but rather ebbs and flows.

That mental adjustment has been LIFE CHANGING.


Finally, our long awaited digital ecosystem, which is just a fancy way of saying our website with all the bells and whistles: funnels, sequences, automation and metrics folded into it- is 99.9% done.

This has been an unbelievably hard and patience testing exercise. We’ve been running all the final tests this past week and the relief I feel is CRAZY.

What have I been learned through every high and low? Overall I’d say this: who is on your team matters, action supersedes words and that “productivity” and presence is a magical combination that can get you through the toughest of times when you’re building.


Ahhh this… I’ve been sticking to my 2023 intentions,: exercising 5 days a week, eating better, sleeping longer hours. I’m even down a few pounds, with 10 more to go.

I’ve also been loving my little stack of books on my nightstand: The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins, and Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl.

I’ve come to appreciate how not sleeping with a phone next to you really helps to promote better rest.

I swear, I crack my Kindle or a book open, and next thing I know, I’m in dreamland. Books are absolute magic for a brain that needs a little help turning off.


Aaaand, as I announced last week, I’ve rolled out my AI training. I sent off the proposals to ten companies.

So far I’ve had two bookings and one invitation to sit on a panel. Not bad, right? 

I am 90.9% certain that I’ll be studying this very formally, maybe with another Masters…who knows?

But for now, my face has been permanently STUCK in a state of joyful online learning that I cannot wait to share with you.

I love how technology works in such a generous way. 

First, you open it. Then, it opens you.  And then you get to share it with others.

That’s all for me right now. Tell me what’s new is your life or even what’s challenging?

P.S If you are interested in learning about my deepest insecurities about building an online business, I capture it in this 90-second REEL: >>> HERE>>>

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